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Full-Time MBA Program FAQ

If I Establish Proficiency in a Menu Core Course, how many remaining Core Courses am I required to complete?

You are required to complete or establish proficiency in at least 5 of the 7 Menu Core Courses. You may establish proficiency in one or more Menu Core Courses through the following ways:

  1. By having earned an undergraduate major or master's degree in the subject or having taken at least five courses in the subject area
  2. By passing the proficiency exam
  3. (For Financial Accounting & Reporting) By demonstrating proof or verification of one of the following: a) a U.S. CPA License; b) a passing grade on the U.S. CPA exam; or c) a chartered accounting certification.
If you establish proficiency in a Menu Core course, this counts toward your 5 required Menu Core courses. For example, if you establish proficiency in Marketing, this counts as one of your five, leaving you with 4 Menu Core Courses remaining to complete (rather than 5). Keep in mind that, while you are only required to complete or establish proficiency in 5 Menu Core courses, we encourage you to take them all. 

If I Establish Proficiency in a Menu Core Course, does this satisfy pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements for elective courses?

Yes. If you establish proficiency in a Menu Core Course, this satisfies the pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements for elective courses. For example, if you establish proficiency in Marketing, you have fulfilled the Marketing co-requisite for Digital Marketing.

How many credits do I need to register for each semester?

Full-time students must take at least 12 credits each semester to maintain full-time student status. In order to earn the 60 credits necessary to graduate, it is recommended that you register for 15 credits in each semester. 

Can I take an elective in my first semester?

Yes, you may register for an elective in your first semester in the Full-time program, on a space available basis. Please review the First Semester Elective policy for more information. 

Can I take courses in the Winter Intensive or Summer Intensive sessions? Can I take courses in the Summer semester?

No. Full-time MBA students are not permitted to take Winter Intensive session, Summer Intensive session, or Summer Semester courses. These courses are reserved for Langone Part-time MBA students. Full-time students are permitted to register for day-time and evening courses during the Fall and Spring semesters only.

Can I take additional Core Courses in my second year?

You must complete your Stern Core requirements in the first year of your program. In the second year of your program, you may enroll in additional Menu Core Courses. You will need to petition the Academic Policy Board for permission and then take these courses on a space available basis with students in the Langone Part-time MBA program.

How many credits can I take towards my degree outside of Stern?

You are allowed to take up to 15 credits outside of Stern, at other NYU divisions, or through the Study Abroad program.

Can I do an Independent Study?

An Independent Study is arranged directly between the student and the sponsoring faculty member. Further details and guidelines are available under Policies & Procedures.

When can I take my Free Course?

You may take up to three free credits in the same semester that you complete your 60th credit of the program. This may be in the form of one 3.0 credit course or two 1.5 credit courses. You are not able to take your free credit once you have graduated.

Why is one of my courses falling under "Courses not credited towards MBA" on my My Program Progress page?

Your course may fall under "Courses not credited towards MBA" for one of the following reasons:
  1. Free Course: if you have registered for a Free Course it will appear under the "Courses not credited towards MBA" section of your My Program Progress page. Once you have reached 60 credits, the system will automatically bump any additional credits to this section of your My Program Progress page. You will still receive credit for this course and the grade will still factor into your GPA.
  2. Courses taken at Other NYU Divisions: When you enroll in a course at another NYU division, the course will appear under the "Courses not credited towards MBA" section of your My Program Progress page. Once Academic Affairs and Advising receives confirmation that you received a passing grade in the course, it will be moved into the electives section of your My Program Progress page.
If neither reason applies, please reach out to Academic Affairs and Advising for assistance. 

Why haven't I received my grades for a course?

You may not have received your grades for a course for the following reasons:
  1. Incomplete CFE: A "##" symbol on your My Program Progress page signifies that you have not completed the CFE for this course. This will delay distribution of your grade for 30 days after the grade has been submitted.
  2. Grades not yet submitted: The professor may not have submitted the grades for the course. The Office of Records and Registration posts grades on the day that they are received.

How do I appeal a grade?

You should contact the professor of the course directly to appeal a grade. Any further appeal should be addressed to the Department Chair.

Who should I contact if I am having difficulty in one of my courses?

You should contact the professor and the TA of the course with questions and concerns. You may also apply for tutoring through the SGov MBA Tutoring Site.

Do language courses count toward my MBA?

Language courses do not count toward your MBA. If you are interested in learning a new language we recommend exploring the resources offered by NYU Speaking Freely