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Full-time MBA Summer Start

In order to complete the Full-time MBA degree as a Summer Start student, you must satisfy the following degree requirements:
  • Complete 60 total credits with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5000.
  • Complete the following three courses during the first Summer:
    • Statistics and Data Analysis
    • Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation
    • Management Communications
  • Complete or establish proficiency in Financial Accounting and Reporting during your first semester.
  • Complete or establish proficiency in at least 5 of the 7 Menu Core courses during your first year.
  • Participate in a summer internship between your first and second year.
  • Complete the capstone core course, Professional Responsibility or Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation, during your second year.

Core Requirements for Full-time Summer Start Students

You must complete the following Required Stern Summer Courses during your first summer:
Required Stern Summer Courses:
Statistics and Data Analysis
Collaboration, Conflict, and Negotiation
Management Communications

 You must complete or establish proficiency in the Required Core course during your first semester:
Required Core: Offered in Fall? Offered in Spring?
Financial Accounting and Reporting - with your block Yes No

You must complete or establish proficiency in at least 5 of the 7 Menu Core courses during your first year: 
Menu Core; Choose at least 5 of 7: Offered in Fall? Offered in Spring?
Strategy - with your block Yes No
Firms and Markets Yes No
Foundations of Finance Yes Yes
Marketing  Yes Yes
Operations Management Yes  Yes
The Global Economy No  Yes
Leadership in Organizations No Yes

You must complete the Capstone Core during your second year:
Capstone Core: Offered in Fall? Offered in Spring?
Professional Responsibility OR Yes Yes
Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation No Yes

Please note:
  • Some courses are only offered during the Fall or Spring, as noted above.  
  • Your entering class is divided into six blocks, with whom you will participate in a variety of community activities and take Financial Accounting and Reporting, and some Menu Core courses, as noted above. 
  • In the second year of your program you may enroll in any additional Menu Core course(s) that you did not take in your first year, on a space available basis, with students in the Langone Part-time MBA Program.
  • Most electives have Core courses as pre- or co-requisites. If you wish to take an elective for which a certain Core course is a pre- or co-requisite, you will need to complete or establish proficiency in that Core course.


Your First Year: Meeting your Core Requirements

Summer semester - 6 credits

Register for your required courses:
  1. Statistics and Data Analysis (3 credits)
  2. Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation (1.5 credits)
  3. Management Communication (1.5 credits)   

1st semester - 12 credits

3 Credits: Required Core
You must take or establish proficiency in:
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (3 credits)
9 Credits: Menu Core
  1. Select your remaining three courses from the menu of core offerings.
  2. In place of one menu core course, you may choose to take one elective course in your first semester, on a space available basis. Please review the First-Semester Elective policy for more information.
  3. Note: Foundations of Finance requires knowledge of basic economic and statistical concepts before registration.

2nd semester - 15 credits

  • Take your remaining Menu Core courses (for a total of at least five).
  • Register for electives with your remaining credits.

Summer Internship


Your Second Year: Electives and Specializations

3rd and 4th Semesters - 15 Credits each*

*Summer Start students have the option of taking 12 credits in either their third or fourth semester.

  1. Complete Capstone Core Requirement - Professional Responsibility (1.5 credits) or Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation (3 credits)
  2. Fill your open schedule with electives:
    1. Build your specialization(s)
    2. Study abroad or participate in a Doing Business in... course.
    3. Take classes at other NYU graduate schools.
Note: Plan ahead to make sure you satisfy the pre-requisites for any electives you wish to take.