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Course Scheduling

The Langone Part-time MBA Program offers students the opportunity to take courses year-round, during the following terms with the noted credit maximums: 

Spring Term - 3 modules

Winter Intensive* Spring 1 Spring 2
4.5 credit maximum 9 credit maximum (over both modules)


Summer Term - 3 modules

Summer 1 (self- contained) Summer 2 (self- contained) Late Summer Intensive*
6 credit maximum 6 credit maximum 4.5 credit maximum


Fall Term - 2 modules

Fall 1 Fall 2
9 credit maximum (over both modules)

*Please refer to the Intensive Module Course Policies for more information.

Intensive Module Course Information

The Langone Part-time MBA Program offers two intensive modules during the academic year, allowing students to register for up to 4.5 credits during a condensed, 4 week period.

Winter Intensive (January - February)
Students register for Winter Intensive courses as part of the Spring Lottery and Registraiton.

Late Summer Intensive (August - September)
Students register for Late Summer Intensive courses as part of the Summer Lottery and Registration.

Note: Most intensive courses in the Langone Part-time MBA program are offered during the Winter and Late Summer intensive modules.

Important Intensive Module Policies:

Concurrent Courses Not Permitted
  • Students may not register for two Intensive courses concurrently.
  • Course dates may not overlap between courses.
Intensive Module Courses were created to enable Langone Part-time MBA students to complete their program at an accelerated pace. The intensive module schedule and its associated workload are challenging and rigorous for students and instructors alike. In order to provide for the academic integrity of the learning in intensive courses and to safeguard against student failure in the classroom, the Stern faculty has mandated that only one course be taken at a time and course schedules may not overlap.

100% Attendance Required
  • Students are required to attend every class session in its entirety. 
    • If you know you will not be able to attend any course session, do not register for the course.
    • If you miss the first course session, the profession has the authority to instruct you to drop the course.
    • If you miss a course for any reason, it may negatively impact your grade.
Course Workload
  • Please consider carefully your available time, the course workload, and the course difficulty before registering for an Intensive Module Course.
  • The school strongly recommends a buffer period of at least 36 hours between Intensive Module Courses due to the extensive pre-work and/or post-work required with each course. We urge you to consider the workload implications before you choose to take back to back courses. 
Credit Load
  • Students typically register for 1.5 - 3.0 credits during the Intensive modules.
  • Students are permitted to register for up to 4.5 credits during the Intensive modules, schedule permitting.
  • Credits earned during the Intensive Modules do not count toward the overall credit maximums for the Spring and Summer semesters. Please refer to the Modular Calendar for more information.
Course Schedules
  • Pay careful attention to the Intensive Module Course Schedule, as course schedules vary.
  • Course durations range from three days to three weeks.
Registration Schedule
  • The last date to add an Intensive Module Course is 3 days prior to the first meeting of the course.
  • Please pay attention to the Office of Records and Registration's add and drop schedule when adding and dropping Intensive Module courses.
Refund Schedule
  • The Bursar's refund schedule varies for Intensive Courses.
  • Please review the Bursar's refund schedule and policy for Intensive courses when adding and dropping. 
Langone Part-time MBA Students only
  • Only students registered in the Langone Part-time MBA program are permitted to register for Intensive Module Courses.
  • Full-time students may not register for Intensive Module Courses.