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Degree Requirements

In order to complete the Langone Part-time MBA degree program, you must satisfy the following degree requirements:
  • Complete 60 total credits
  • Enroll or establish proficiency in Leadership in Organizations (enrollment in this course is automatic in your first semester) and one of the other three Basic Core courses (Firms and Markets, Statistics and Data Analysis, or Financial Accounting and Reporting) during your first semester.
  • During your second semester, it is expected that you complete or establish proficiency in the two remaining Basic Core courses. These core courses (or proficiency in these courses) provide the foundation for more advanced coursework in the MBA program, and they are pre-requisites for enrolling in many elective courses.
  • Complete or establish proficiency in all the Stern Core courses.
  • Complete all the Langone Core courses.
  • Complete the capstone core course, Professional Responsibility or Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation, after you have completed all Basic and Stern Core courses.
  • Complete all degree requirements in 6 years from the semester of enrollment.

Core Requirements for Langone Part-time MBA Students

Basic Core: 12.0 Credits

Enroll, or establish proficiency, in Leadership in Organizations during your first semester with your Block.
Basic Core Course (First Semester) Credits
Leadership in Organizations 3.0

It is expected that you complete, or establish proficiency, in the 3 remaining Basic Core courses during your first two semesters with your Block.
Basic Core Courses (First Two Semesters) Credits
Firms and Markets 3.0
Statistics and Data Analysis 3.0
Financial Accounting and Reporting 3.0

Stern Core: 15.0 Credits

Complete, or establish proficiency in, the Stern Core courses.
Stern Core Courses Credits
Strategy I 1.5
Strategy II 1.5
The Global Economy 3.0
Marketing 3.0
Foundations of Finance 3.0
Operations Management 3.0

Capstone Core: 1.5 Credits/3.0 Credits

Complete the Capstone Core, after you have completed all Basic and Stern Core courses.
Capstone Core Credits
Professional Responsibility OR 1.5
Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Modern Corporation 3.0

Langone Core: 3.0 Credits

Complete the Langone Core courses.
Langone Core Courses Credits
Business Communication 1.5
Collaboration, Conflict, and Negotiation 1.5

Please note:
  • Langone Part-time MBA students must satisfy the Leadership in Organizations requirement in their first semester in the program. There will not be an opportunity to take this course after the first semester.
  • Langone Part-time students beginning in the Spring semester at Westchester must satisfy their Leadership in Organizations requirement during their first year in the program. 
  • Langone Part-time MBA students are not permitted to register for electives during their first two semesters in the MBA program. Any Basic Core course in which a student establishes proficiency must be replaced by a Stern Core course. 
  • Most electives have Core courses as pre- or co-requisites. If you wish to take an elective for which a certain Core course is a pre- or co-requisite, you will need to complete or establish proficiency in that Core course.
  • Langone Core courses count toward the 24-credit maximum per course designator and may be applied toward specializations.