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Point your career in the right direction.

In this phase, you will take an introspective look at your professional values and gain clarity on your ambitions and skills.

Take inventory and reflect on:
  • What you enjoyed in your past work experiences
  • What tasks, skills and activities you can do without
  • What skills you want to use going forward and want to develop while at Stern
  • What values are important to you
  • What skills, tasks and activites interest you
Our office will work with you to help you identify career targets which are composed of a function, industry and location. Some of you may be here to make a career transition or to advance in your career – regardless, self-assessment is the critical first step in any job search.
  • Clarify your professional direction and goals by taking take an introspective look at your professional values and gain clarity on your ambitions and skills
  • Broaden your perspective of alternative career opportunities
  • Refine your career possibilities
  • Deepen your understanding of different fields
  • Match your goals to opportunities
Throughout the Career Development Process, you can:
  • Meet with a Career Coach to discuss your personal interests and goals
  • Explore your skills, abilities and values through self assessments such as Career Compass, Career Leader, and The Print Assessment
  • Explore career possibilities and interests:
    • Vault - provides comprehensive industry overviews and company profiles
    • Wetfeet - provides overviews on a range of career and industries
    • Industry Resource Sheets - contain both Stern and Non-Stern industry specific resources, overviews and job posting links
  • Engage in Career Exploration through programming and events including:
    • Launch Career Exploration Panels
    • Creating Your MBA Identity: Resume & LinkedIn
    • Strategy Sessions led by MBA2 Career Mentors
    • Ignite Industry Insights Breakfasts

It makes all the difference.

  • Develop a plan of attack
    • Meet with a Career Coach to examine and discusss career targets, create a job search plan and prioritize activities and events
    • Build relationships with MBA2s who went through a similar process last year
  • Articulate your professional identity
    • Work with a Career Coach to perfect your story and highlight your MBA work, past experiences and strengths in the most effective way
    • Attend the Ignite Workshop "Create Your MBA Identity: Resumes"
    • Attend the Ignite Workshop "Create Your MBA identity: LinkedIn"
    • Complete the resume review process with MBA2 Career Mentors and Career Coaches
    • Participate in MBA2 Strategy Groups with MBA2 Career Mentors
  • Sharpen your presentation, networking, and interviewing skills
    • Attend the Ignite Workshop "Networking & Interviewing"
    • Practice your story with classmates and colleagues
    • Build relationships with alumni and other contacts
    • Complete your Ignite Behavioral and Technical Mock Interviews
    • Schedule additional mock interviews with a Career Coach

Access Opportunity.

The Connect phase is the more external facing or action phase of the search, where you will seek out opportunities, gain exposure, network and ultimately find positions that match your ambitions. This phase will not happen at the same time and in the same manner for every MBA1. The timing of when you reach out and make these connections will vary depending on your career targets and you may experience overlap between the prepare and connect phase in some situations (as you might be reaching out to some firms while you are preparing and researching others).

Timing can also range depending on who you are targeting.  Connections to MBA2s and other students can start more immediately while connections with alumni and company reps may take place a little bit later.  Regardless, the Office of Career Development will be a conduit to helping you identify and reach out to MBA2s, part-time students and alumni.
  • Learn to seek out opportunities
  • Gain exposure and entry into organizations and roles that fit you
  • Meet people that will help you move towards your goals
  • Find positions that match your strengths
Students can access a number of resources and opportunties with the Office of Career Development through:
  • Inclusion in the Stern Class of 2017 Online Resume Database
  • SternConnect: NYU Stern's Online Alumni Database (access available upon completion of the Ignite Program)
  • Researching online job postings in Career Account
  • Participating in the On-Campus Recruiting Program
  • Joining the NYU Stern School of Business LinkedIn Group

Prepare Now.

Put your resume in the Stern format using this template. Tips:
  • Type directly into the template rather than reformatting your current resume to look like the Stern format
  • The template is a table - some students find it helpful to show the table gridlines when editing their resume. Just remember to hide gridlines once you're done
  • Review the Resume Writing Guide to learn about accomplishment statements and for sample resumes