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Engaging Students with Clickers

Student response systems are proven to have positive impact on the learning environment and enhance student participation and learning in the classroom. Using clickers faculty can engage students in active learning, conduct TurningpointClickerformative assessment and increase student learning with data driven strategies. Clickers can enable faculty to:
  • Transform their classroom into an interactive and engaging learning environment. Experience increased attendance and participation - even from those quiet, back-of-the-lecture-hall students.
  • Create open discussions that are fueled by students
  • Gauge student understanding instantly with visual charts in real-time
  • Provide students review questions that are reflective of their understanding
  • Check reading assignments instantly with short quizzes before class and grade assignments instantly.

The Workshop Format:
  • Attendees will engage first as participants and then as teachers in learning key strategies in asking questions using the clickers.
  • Faculty will learn how to create questions using the the Turning Point software and incorporate them as part of their presentations.
Workshop Takeaways:
  • Learn to incorporate clickers questions in their presentations
  • Practices running clicker questions from the Podium PC
  • Learn strategies on how best to leverage clickers in the classroom.