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Teaching Evaluations

Teaching Portfolios

Evaluating Teaching: Teaching Portfolios
Kenneth R. Bain, NYU Center for Teaching Excellence

Recasting the Teaching Portfolio
Kenneth R. Bain and James M. Lang, Reprinted: The Teaching Professor (1997)

Making Visible the Intellectual Work in Teaching
Dan Bernstein and Ellen Wert (2004)
Reprinted by Tomorrow's Professor listserv, Stanford University

Guidelines of Effective Observation of Case Instructors
Harvard Business School

Mid-Semester Feedback

Course evaluations help instructors improve their teaching by enabling students to give honest and constructive feedback about their learning in a course. The CITL provides sample Mid-Course Evaluations in NYU Classes that allow faculty to receive feedback early in the semester, while Faculty Services provides a mandatory End-of-Semester Evaluation that future students may use for information on courses and instructors.

Mid-Course Evaluation

Faculty can administer Mid-Course Evaluations midway through the semester to gather specific feedback while there is still time to make changes to a course.

Mid-Course Evaluations are for faculty and (when relevant) Teaching Fellow use only. Do not return them to the Office of Faculty Services or the Undergraduate Dean's Office for processing.

Collecting Feedback

You can administer Mid-Course Evaluations in two ways:

  1. Activate the evaluation in NYU Classes and check the results


  2. Distribute the hard-copy version to your students in class

End-of-Semester Course-Faculty Evaluations

The official Course-Faculty Evaluations (quantitative feedback made available later to the school community), as well as the open-ended Personal Comments to the Instructor form (qualitative feedback), are now administered online at http://ais.stern.nyu.edu.

Graduate students must complete them for all courses or their grades will be withheld for one month. All instructions and communication for both faculty and students will come from Faculty Services towards the end of each semester. All you have to do is remind your students to complete them.

Custom Course Surveys

If you would like more customized feedback on the individual cases, assignments, topics, etc. used in your course, you may also administer the optional Custom Course Survey. You can customize and distribute a hard-copy version in class or activate the evaluation in NYU Classes and check the results.

The Administration tabulates the quantitative Course-Faculty Evaluations and makes the results available online once the evaluation deadline has passed and you have submitted your course grades. You will be able to view responses to the Personal Comments to the Instructor form as soon as you submit your grades.


If you have questions about the Mid-Course Evaluation process using NYU Classes or you cannot locate your evaluations in the Tests & Quizzes tool, please contact the CITL (212-998-0919, citl@stern.nyu.edu).

If you have questions about the End-of-Semester Evaluations or process for graduate students, please contact Nadia Cureton, Associate Director of Faculty Services (212-998-0766, ncureton@stern.nyu.edu).

If you teach an undergraduate course and have further questions about the End-of-Semester Evaluations, please contact Susan Greenbaum in the UC Office of the Dean (212-998-0211, sgreenba@stern.nyu.edu).