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Lecture Capture

The Stern classrooms are outfitted with the Mediasite lecture capture system. Mediasite captures the video and audio feeds of the classroom lecture as well as the VGA or image feed (often presented through PowerPoint slides) via the classroom projectors. Faculty will need to request that their courses be recorded using the CETG Request website at least 72 hours prior to their first class session. If you would like to have your recordings automatically posted to NYU Classes, be sure to check that option on the form. 

You will receive an email containing the link to the recording about an hour before event begins.  The link will become active about 3 - 4 hours after the event ends. Classroom recordings are kept for 365 days after the last session of the course. For more information, please see the Stern IT Mediasite FAQ.


Additional Information

  1. Faculty continue to have complete control over access to recordings. The URL is sent only to you and you choose whether to make it available to your students
  2. Unless you request otherwise, your recordings are password protected and only NYU Stern users can log in and view them. When signing in to access the recording, students (and anyone else) have to agree to the following statement. “This recording is the property of the NYU Stern School of Business. Access is provided for your use only. You may not copy, distribute, sell, disseminate or use the recording in any manner without explicit permission from NYU Stern School of Business.”
  3. If you have guest speakers in your class, please be sure to explain to them in advance that we may record classes for students who wish to review or cannot attend and that you will provide access only to students registered for the course. You must gain their assent by email or by having them sign the Speaker Recording Permission Form
  4. Please preview your recording before giving the link to your students to ensure that only the content of your class and no private pre- or post-class conversations are included.
  5. There are some small classrooms and conference rooms, including the small UC Tisch seminar rooms, that are not equipped with recording technology.

Classroom Recording Request Form

To submit a request:

To request class recordings, automatic postings to Blackboard or a wireless microphone, please complete and submit the request form below. This form can also be used for requesting recordings for special events or classes that meet outside of your originally scheduled time.
  1. Log into the CETG Request website
  2. Click on the “Enter New Request” tab
  3. Select the event type (Class or Special Event) and click “Continue”
  4. Enter the requested Class/Event information and click “Continue”.
    NOTE: Course data is pre-populated into the system so that you only have to select once for all sessions of a course to be recorded.
  5.  In the “Recording” section, select the Mediasite Recording options.
    NOTE: These options will apply to all sessions of the course.
  6. Click on “Submit New Request” at the bottom of the webpage
Please contact CETG (cetg@stern.nyu.edu) if you have questions about the request form.

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