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Inkling for MBA Programs: A Textbook Approach

Inkling begins with a simple premise: “A screen is not a page.” Whether used on a laptop, desktop computer, iPhone, or iPad, MBA textbooks on Inkling represent the first truly cross-platform, interactive textbooks available today. Top features include:
  • Fully modular material
  • Lifetime access to the content with no expiration or rentals
  • Integrated and interactive multimedia
  • Shared notes that connect students, educators, and learners everywhere
  • Assessment–rich content, structured for student success
With your MBA textbooks on Inkling, students, faculty and administrators alike have the flexibility to access engaging content when and where they need it, on any device Inkling supports.

Check out the Inkling Stern store website at and try MBA titles on Inkling for yourself. From here, you can download free chapters, or just grab the free chapter that comes with every book in the Inkling store. Purchase the chapters or titles you want for all three devices, and start reading.

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