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SPUR Reunion
Dean Geeta Menon and Finance Professor and Honors Program founder Marti Subrahmanyam celebrate with undergraduate students and alumni at the first annual Honors Program Reunion.

Stern offers the following research opportunities to undergraduate students: The Honors Program, and the Stern Program For Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Database.

These opportunities are a great way to engage in top-tier academic research with recognized Stern faculty, challenge your intellect outside of the typical classroom environment, discover potential career pathways in academia and gain an advantage when applying for graduate studies.

SPUR Database

Application Process

(1) Browse the opportunities posted by Stern faculty. (2) Apply for a position through the database by selecting a research opportunity of interest and fill out/upload the appropriate information as requested. (3) Faculty members will contact you directly in response to your application. Please do not email faculty members directly.

You can apply to as many research opportunities as you desire, but you can only register for one project per semester. SPUR projects do not count toward Stern concentrations.

What are the criteria for acceptance?

Individual faculty members will have their own criteria for acceptance as it relates to their specific project. However, if you do choose to apply, you should be ready and willing to participate in challenging, high-level academic research.

Is taking a 2-credit project like taking a 2-credit course?

Research projects can be 1.0 credit (40 hours over the semester including both work directly with the faculty member as well as individual work) or 2.0 credits (80 hours per semester including both work directly with the faculty member as well as individual work). This opportunity is exactly like a 2-credit (or 1 credit, as the case may be) graded course, in the sense that students are expected to work hard and be challenged by the project. At the end of the project, you will receive a letter grade for your work from the faculty member, exactly like in a course. The grade will appear on your transcript and will factor into your GPA. The credits will count as part of your allotted 18 credits per semester. SPUR projects do not count toward Stern concentrations.


For any additional questions regarding SPUR opportunities, please see the FAQs section below or contact Sophia Hameed at shameed@stern.nyu.edu.

Honors Program


Established in 2001, the Stern Honors Program invites an elite group of seniors to become intimately involved in graduate-level research. The program pairs students with research-oriented faculty members who partner with and advise program participants throughout their year-long development of a thesis. Additionally, students take part in an honors seminar (3-units each semester of their senior year) with other program participants and have the opportunity to take graduate-level courses in areas of interest.

Professor Marti Subrahmanyam is the faculty Program Coordinator

Selection Process

Each year, the Stern Honor's Program invites top-ranked juniors to apply for admission into the program. Students are invited based on their academic performance during their first three years of undergraduate education. Invited students must submit an application and be interviewed by two faculty members before selections are finalized.

Graduate Courses

Students selected for the program have the opportunity to take up to 6-units (typically two courses) of graduate-level coursework through the Stern MBA program. The process by which students request to take these courses is reviewed with students around each of the registration periods in which the student is enrolled in the program.

Honors Seminar

The Honors Seminar is held weekly. Each session is conducted by chaired professors, research professors, faculty research fellows and others who present on research developments in their area. These seminars provide students with an overview of timely research across all disciplines of business and its practical applications.

Honors Theses

Each student formulates a thesis and performs their own groundbreaking research under the guidance of a research faculty member. In addition to providing valuable insight into the thesis development process, the advisers act as mentors to the students. At the end of the academic year students are required to submit and present their thesis to program peers.

Honors Thesis Index

View the full Honors Theses of past program participants who have opted to share their work.

View Index Here

Doing Research: Student Views

Kevin Baker - Thumbnail
"Performing research is a great experience to prepare for potential graduate opportunities and is an important skill to develop as I enter the consulting industry.” Kevin Baker (BS '14)

Anisha Thumbnail
"SPUR has been a really exciting opportunity to potentially add to the ongoing research in the new field of Revenue Management and Pricing.” Anisha Patel (BS '14)

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