Welcome, New Transfer Students!

We are delighted you will be joining us. As you prepare for your arrival on campus, check your email and this page for helpful information:

Access Stern Orientation
Internal transfers received their official Access Stern Orientation welcome in the spring semester. External transfers, you will have Access Stern Orientation in late summer to acclimate you to NYU and Stern, introduce you to members of your new community and discuss the variety of available resources and opportunities.

Professional Programs
The Undergraduate Office of Student Engagement (OSE) offers a variety of programs to provide students with critical resources for professional development and career exploration. As an NYU Stern student, you will have access to OSE events and workshops throughout the academic year to gain exposure to a broad range of industries and connect to industry leaders and NYU Stern alumni.

Social Programs
OSE also offers a broad array of social programming, including annual flagship events such as Block Party and Passport Day. You will have many opportunities to connect with the NYU Stern Undergraduate College community at events throughout the academic year.

Transfer Cohort
All NYU Stern undergraduate students are divided into cohorts. The incoming group of transfer students will be represented in our cohort system as the "Transfer Cohort." The Transfer Cohort elects a student to serve as their Student Council representative.