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Transfer Pre-Arrival Checklist

These action items are for external transfers. (Internal transfers: skip to August.)
As soon as possible Activate Your NYU Home Account and Check Email Activate your NYUHome account at Then go to to access your NYU email account, familiarize yourself with Albert (the student information and course registration system you use to register), and complete housing forms. Check your email regularly throughout the summer.
As soon as possible Submit Emergency Contact Information Submit your (1) personal cell phone and (2) emergency contact information online in Albert. Submit your personal cell phone number on the "Email/Phones" screen and the name and phone number of a parent/guardian on the "Emergency Contact" screen.
As soon as possible Pay Deposit After you have decided to attend NYU Stern, please place your deposit and start planning your fall schedule.
After deposit Fall Course Registration with an Adviser After submitting the deposit, please contact the Office of Academic Advising to set up a June appointment for assistance in registering for fall courses.

All transfers from outside of NYU should have reviewed the External Transfers Guide sent to you before scheduling your appointment.
Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in May.

Review and complete May to-dos.

These action items are for external transfers. (Internal transfers: skip to August.)
Early July Pay Deposit If you have not yet submitted your deposit, please follow the directions you received from NYU Admissions to submit it.
Monday, July 3 Deadline: Meet with an Academic Adviser All external transfer students should have met with an academic adviser (either in person or by phone/Skype) and completed registration for fall courses by this date.
Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in June and July.

Review and complete July to-dos.
Tuesday, August 1 Deadline to Complete Mandatory Academic Integrity Tutorial The deadline for completing the Academic Integrity Module is Tuesday, August 1. You will need to use your NYUHome credentials to log into this site The completion of this tutorial is necessary for Spring 2018 course enrollment.

Please also review the NYU Library's Citation Style Guide for further information.
Tuesday, August 1 Deadline to Submit Student Health Required Forms Failure to submit all required health forms by the deadline may result in your Fall 2017 courses being dropped, as well as a restriction preventing you from moving in to your residence hall on August 27. See Next Stop NYU for more information.
Tuesday, August 1 Deadline to Complete Mandatory Training on Sexual Misconduct: Think About It The deadline for completing the Think About It sexual misconduct training is Tuesday, August 1. An email with instructions on how to complete this module is sent in early July. The completion of this module is necessary for course enrollment.

If this deadline presents a challenge to you, please contact
Tuesday, August 1 Deadline to Complete Mandatory AlcoholEdu Online Training The deadline for completing the AlcoholEdu training is Tuesday, August 1. All incoming undergraduate students are required to take the online AlcoholEdu course – even those who have taken it at another institution, are over 21 years of age, or do not drink alcohol for personal, health, religious, or other reasons. All NYU students will benefit from a shared basic knowledge of the effects of alcohol, potential problems, ways to reduce risk, and resources to help ourselves and others.

If this deadline presents a challenge to you, please contact
Early August Review NYU Stern's Orientation Schedule and RSVP NYU Stern's official Transfer Orientation tentatively begins at 9:00 AM on Friday, September 1, although your orientation schedule may differ slightly depending on whether you have transfered from another school within NYU (internal) or from another institution (external). A detailed scheduled will be released in August, and RSVP instructions for orientation will be emailed to you in early August.
Tuesday, August 8 Fall Semester Tuition Due Payment for the Fall 2017 semester is due today, unless you participate in one of NYU's payment plans, in which case the deadline(s) may be different. You can verify receipt of your payment through Albert. The Bursar removes/drops anyone who has not paid from all their fall classes, so please contact them well in advance of this date if you have any questions about your bill. For international students, consult the Wire Transfer information.

***Because we realize that NYU is a large investment, you and your family are also strongly encouraged to discuss enrollment in the Tuition Insurance Refund Plan by this time.***
Mid-August Review and Ensure You Meet NYU Stern's Laptop Requirement NYU Stern requires all students to have their own laptop computer. If you already have a laptop, yYour current model may be sufficient, or you may want to upgrade at some point. View the specifications.
Mid-August Order Textbooks The NYU Bookstore will post the required (and any optional) textbooks or materials for your fall semester classes by mid-August. Although some course materials are only available at the NYU Bookstore (for example, certain "coursepacks"), in general, you are not required to purchase widely-available books through the NYU Bookstore.
Mid-August Activate Your NYU Stern Email As an NYU Stern student, you will have two IT/email accounts: one through NYU and one through NYU Stern. All students are expected to have activated their account before Orientation begins. You can start the process by going to Read this tutorial to learn how to forward your NYU email to Gmail@Stern.
Review the Stern IT Checklist for New Students to ensure you're wired and connected once you get to campus!
Sunday, August 27 Welcome Day/Residence Hall Move-In

Parents Welcome
Students move in to the residence halls at assigned times on Sunday, August 27. (Your assigned time is usually announced by early August).
Monday, August 28 – Friday, September 1 NYU Stern Orientation and NYU Welcome Week The mandatory NYU Stern Transfer Orientation will begin at 9 AM on Friday, September 1, although the entire week will include events to welcome new NYU students. A more detailed schedule as well as RSVP instructions will be sent by email in early August. 
Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in August.

Tuesday, September 5 Classes begin Fall 2017 classes begin
October (Date TBD) Parents Day Parents are invited to NYU to learn about what their new students have been up to.
December 15 – 22 Last Day of Fall Semester and Final Exams Some classes will have final exams on Friday, December 22. Prior to making any travel arrangements, check with professors  about the timing of the final exam. See also official final exam schedule on the Registrar's website.
Please review Next Stop NYU for important dates in September and October.

Important Dates for Incoming Transfer Students

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