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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find the books for my courses?

The Bookstore tentatively plans to start posting books for fall classes online starting in mid-August. You would go to the Bookstore's website and click on "Textbook Inquiry & Ordering" to find your personalized list of books for the fall. You can buy the books through the bookstore or just use their list and buy them through the retailer/reseller of your choice.

After I register for Fall classes this summer with an adviser, could I make further changes to my schedule?

Normally, students are able to make changes to their schedule up until the add/drop deadline (the end of the third week of classes). However, as a transfer student, until your final transcript from your old institution is received and processed, you will not be able to enroll for Stern (-UB) courses on your own and may also be unable to register for courses that require advanced class standing.

We also generally advise all students to avoid making changes to their schedules after about the first week of classes because it may be difficult to make up for missed class meetings in courses added "late."

When can I meet with an Academic Adviser?

This summer, you may call (212) 998-4020 to schedule an initial 1-hour appointment with one of our transfer advisers in late May, early June. A summer-time appointment may be either in-person or on the phone. If you must do a phone appointment, you should have ready access to a computer with internet access and the tentative transfer credit evaluation given to you by NYU Admissions. Appointments are held Mondays through Thursdays, between 10am and 4pm.

During the school year, you will be able to make appointments through our online appointment system which can be accessed through the Student Center in Albert. School-year appointments must be done in person and are 30 minutes.

Student Life

When is Stern Orientation and where can I find the schedule?

Stern Orientation is Monday, August 25 - Friday, August 29. The Stern Orientation Schedule will be available online mid- August. You should expect to be occupied with Stern Orientation Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm.

I'm transferring to Stern from another NYU school, do I need to attend Stern Orientation?

Yes, Stern Orientation is required to all new students entering Stern. The program will cover topics specific to the Stern experience. This is also a great opportunity for you to connect with other Stern students.

Is Stern Orientation Required

Yes, Stern Orientation is required of all new students. It is a great way to learn more about Stern and to meet other Stern students. You should make arrangements to be available to attend all orientation programs.

Study Away

What is the difference between Stern's International Business Exchange Program (IBEX) and NYU Study Away?

With Stern's International Business Exchange program (IBEX), you enroll directly at a leading international business school and take classes with students from around the world. You earn course credits that transfer back to NYU, allowing you to stay on track with your curriculum. With NYU Study Away, you attend classes at an international NYU campus with other NYU students. You earn NYU credits that also allow you to stay on track with your curriculum.

When should I start making plans to study away

It is important to meet with an Academic Adviser as early as possible in your academic career to discuss your interest in the IBEX program. The earlier you begin planning, the more options and flexibility you will have.

When can I Study Away for a Semester

As a Stern student you have the opportunity to study away through NYU Global Programs or Stern's International Business Exchange program (IBEX) You can study away in your Sophomore, Junior or even Senior year, depending on the program. NYU Global programs fit in best during Sophomore year (spring) or Junior year (fall); IBEX is open to Juniors (fall, spring) and Seniors (fall only). More detailed information can be found on the program-specific pages of our website.