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Cohort Leadership Program I: IMPACT

Give a Spit 504

Give a Spit Bone Marrow Drives
The Stern Undergraduate College collaborated with DoSomething.org on the Give a Spit Challenge. The purpose of the Give a Spit Challenge was to register potential blood and bone marrow donors on the national registry. In their cohorts, Stern Freshmen designed a social media strategy to raise awareness about the need for blood and bone marrow donors and hosted their own Give a Spit swab collection drives to register potential donors on the national registry. This year, the Stern Class of 2017 worked to find a match for Sheldon Mba, a college student who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a bone disorder that inhibits the production of blood. In addition to finding Sheldon a bone marrow match, Stern students also made an impact nationally by registering thousands of potential donors.
About the Cohort Leadership Program I
The purpose of the Cohort Leadership Program, Introduction to Markets, Professionalism, Analysis, Community, and Teamwork (IMPACT), is to facilitate community building among Stern freshmen. IMPACT achieves its mission by cultivating an educationally stimulating environment of curricular and co-curricular experiences. IMPACT’s dynamic platform exposes students to Stern Undergraduate College’s values: Explore, Collaborate, and Engage. Freshmen explore some of the central tenets of business through academic theory, collaborate to develop a real-world strategy based on social impact, and engage in the implementation and launch of their strategy.