Policies and FAQs

Information and Center policies are described below. For additional information, please visit the Center's BlackBoard site or email behavior.lab@stern.nyu.edu.

Who can use the behavior lab?

The lab is available to Stern Faculty and PhD students for research purposes only. It is not to be used for general instructional purposes. Instructional lab requests should be directed to Stern Information Technology.

To be eligible to use the behavior lab, you must first follow the two steps below:

1. Obtain the appropriate university approval from the NYU's UCAIHS. The university takes research on human subjects very seriously because the government audits this regularly. For more information about receiving human subjects approval, please visit the UCAIHS website.
2. Send verification that you are certified to conduct research with human subjects to behavior.lab@stern.nyu.edu so that you can be added to the list of researchers approved for scheduling.

How much time can I reserve in the behavior lab?

Because there are many people trying to share this space, researchers may only request up to 12 hours of “prime time” lab space per week (prime time is M-F, 10am-6pm). Additional time may be requested within 10 days of the date desired if the lab is available.

Departments needing to reserve the lab for course-related research requirements may reserve the lab for two full weeks (M-F) per semester or, if more than two weeks are needed, up to three days per week for up to 10 weeks per semester. As with individual reservations, departments may request additional time within 10 days of the date desired if the lab is available.

If your plans change, please remember to email behavior.lab@stern.nyu.edu with this information as soon as possible!

How do I reserve the behavior lab?

1. Check the lab calendar to determine lab availability.
2. Email your reservation request to behavior.lab@stern.nyu.edu. In your message, include the following:
a. Your name, email address, and phone number
b. Name of the study
c. Exact dates and times you would like to reserve
d. Whether you would like to reserve the room with individual computer stations, the group meeting rooms, or the entire lab
e. If you are scheduling the lab on behalf of someone else, please specify the names of the researcher(s) and the experimenter(s)

All requests will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

How do I set up a study in Sona?

To run a study, it must first be set up in the Sona Systems website. After you enter your study in Sona, click the link to request approval. Remember, before a new study can be approved in Sona, you must have IRB approval for that study.

How do I recruit participants for my studies (in the lab or online)?

Once the study is approved (see previous question), you must set up timeslots in Sona Systems during which people may participate. This will make your study visible to eligible participants when they log in to their Sona accounts.

If you would like an email announcement about your study sent to members of the participant pool, email your request to behavior.lab@stern.nyu.edu. Please include in your request if you would like the email to go to participants with certain characteristics (e.g., gender, ethnicity, NYU school affiliation).

What are the basic contents of the lab?

The lab consists of an administrator workstation with a Windows 2003 server, and 25 user workstations with Dell desktops running Windows XP. The user workstations all have large amounts of local disk space as well as access to both private (read, write) and public (read, execute) file space on the server.

There are 4 group workrooms in the lab with flat-screen TVs. Eight laptops are available for use in these workrooms, but must be checked-out via the lab manager. Laptops can be checked-out for a maximum of 48 hours. The researcher is fully responsible for the security of the laptops while they are checked-out, and will need to repurchase any laptops that are lost/stolen.

Can I leave materials in the lab for future studies?

Since there is no day-to-day support for the lab, experimenters are asked to remove their materials once their experiment is completed, both from the room as well as from the lab computers. If you are planning to run an experiment again, please leave your files on the server and then copy them back to the lab machines when necessary.

Who will staff the lab while my study is running?

You are responsible for staffing the lab and running your study. You must ensure continuous coverage of the laboratory during the time you have the lab reserved. The lab is NEVER to be left unattended while the door is open or unlocked.

How do I access Sona Systems?

You can access the Sona Systems website at http://stern.sona-systems.com. To request a researcher account on Sona, please email behavior.lab@stern.nyu.edu.

Where is the Center for Behavioral Research located?

The Center and behavior lab are located in Tisch LC26. For a map, click here.