Recruiting Participants

Once you have reserved the behavior lab (for in-lab studies), you can recruit participants for your study using the following steps:

  1. Enter your study in Sona Systems and send a request for approval. Note that you must enter your IRB protocol number to have your study approved.
  2. After receiving study approval, set up timeslots in Sona Systems during which people may participate. This will make your study visible to eligible participants when they log in to their Sona accounts.

    For online studies, the timeslot is simply the latest possible date and time when people may participate.

    For lab studies, timeslots specify when participants must show up for the study and how long the study will last. Leave at least 10 minutes between timeslots to allow research assistants to refresh materials and because some participants take longer than expected to finish.

  3. If you would like an email announcement about your study sent to members of the participant pool, email your request to

    Please include in your request if you would like the email to go to participants with certain characteristics (e.g., gender, ethnicity, NYU school affiliation).