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When to Submit Your Lottery & Register

After you register, it is your responsibility to check your My Academic Progress to ensure that your status is recorded accurately and you know your graduation requirements.

Lottery & Web Registration Dates

Web Lottery Submission Period
October 12 (9:00am) - November 1 (11:59pm)

You will have the opportunity to make your class choices during this period via the Web. If you do not have online access at home, you can use the Stern computer labs or the Business Center, located in the lobby of KMC. For your convenience, terminals can also be found on the first, third, fourth and sixth floors of KMC.

We encourage students to submit selections early. While there is no advantage in submitting your selections earlier or later, we urge you not to wait until the last day. As long as you submit your requests on or before November 1 you will have an equal chance (within your cohort group) at all classes requested.

Within the registration lottery, we suggest ranking your most valued class as primary #1, second most valued class as primary #2, etc.

Lottery Results and Web Add/Drop Period (Begins 9:00am)
November 28 - 2018 Graduates
November 29 - 2019 Graduates

On and after this date you will be able to make adjustments to your schedule in real-time (class availability changes as classes open and close).

Web Registration Payment Due
December 6

Drop off or mail your Tuition & Fees Worksheet and payment to: Stern Bursar Office, 44 West 4th Street, Room 6-110, New York, New York 10012. (The form is available on-line from the Stern Bursar's Office) If you register online for the first time for the spring AFTER December 6, your payment is due within 48 hours. However, if you register in-person at the Office of Records & Registration, your payment is due at that time.

Late Registration Period
Begins January 29

You can register or make schedule adjustments online or in-person during this period. Please be aware that if you are registering online for the first time for the spring semester, late fees are in effect and your payment is due within 48 hours. However, these fees do not apply to you if you made schedule adjustments and paid prior to December 6 (note: if you register in-person at the Office of Records & Registration, late fees are in effect and your payment is due at that time).

Important Registration Notes (All Students)

Academic Holds

Students with academic holds will not be permitted to register until the hold has been resolved. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs & Advising with questions regarding the hold on your account (e-mail: or call 212-998-0585).

Credit Overloads

The lottery system allows MBA2 students to lottery for up to 15 credits. If you want to take on additional coursework (up to 18 credits), you must be approved for a credit overload by Academic Affairs & Advising.

New York State Immunization Requirement

Registration will not be finalized for students who have not complied with the immunity law.

Professional Responsibility (COR2-GB.3101)

This capstone requirement must be completed during the second year and may be met by registering any section of the course during the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 terms.

Schedule & Instructor Changes

Any change in the schedule or the assigned instructor will be updated on the course schedule in real-time. Students who have registered for a class in which there is a time or instructor change will be notified by email.

Dual Degree Students

Students in a dual-degree program (Law, etc.) must submit their registration to Academic Affairs & Advising, KMC 6-120 for approval.

Important Registration Dates At A Glance

Web Lottery Submission Period
All Students (Begins at 9:00am)
10/12 - 11/1
Web Lottery Closed (As of 12:00am) 11/2 - 11/27
First Day to Submit a Wait List 11/28
Lottery Results and Web Add/Drop  
2018 Graduates (MBA2) 11/28
2019 Graduates (MBA1) 11/29
Add Above 60 Credits 12/4
Web Registration Payment Due 12/6
Late Registration Begins (Web & In-Person)
*Late Fees are in Effect
Spring 2018 Day Classes Begin 1/29
Spring 2018 2nd Half Mini Day Classes Begin 3/22
Last day to Add a Day Class View Here