FAQs: Cross-Registration, Grade Reports, Graduation


As a Stern Graduate Student, how do I register for a course(s) outside of Stern?

Please see the Academic Affairs website for information on registering for courses at other NYU divisions.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I register for courses at the Stern Graduate Division?

Please see your academic advisor at your school and s/he will complete for you a “Cross Registration” form. You can also see the cross-registration page on our website for more information on registering for Stern Graduate courses.

As a Non-Stern student, how do I activate my account at Stern to view NYU Classes for the course(s) I am registered in?

Please activate your Stern Graduate account on Stern’s Account Activation page.

Grade Reports

When and how will I get my semester grade report?

You can generate an official semester grade report either for company reimbursement purposes or personal use by logging in via Albert. Click here for more information.

Not all of my grades are not in yet, but I need a grade report for one of my classes — can I print a grade report for just one completed course?

Yes. The grade report you print on-line will show all grades you have received up until that point.

When I try to view and print my online Grade Report the following message appears “Grade Report unavailable due to an immunization hold on your account.” What does this mean, and how can I resolve this issue and get my Grade Report?

All NYU students are required to provide a record of certain immunizations to the NYU Health Center. If you have received this message it means that the Health Center does not have a complete record of your immunizations, and that a hold has been put on releasing your grades until your are in compliance with this requirement. To remove the hold, do the following:
  • Contact the NYU Health Center at (212) 998-0660 (press option #3 to be connected directly to the Immunology Services office) to verify which immunization records are missing and to arrange delivery of those records.
  • When you have verification from the Health Center that your immunization record is complete, contact the Stern Office of Records & Registration at (212) 998-0660, or registrn@stern.nyu.edu. We will verify with the Health Center that you are in compliance and clear the immunization hold from your account. You will then be able to view and print your Grade Report online.


I have submitted my degree application, how do I find out my graduation status?

Once your records have been evaluated, you will receive a written notice informing you of your status.

If I’m taking my last class during the Winter Intensives, can I apply for January graduation?

Winter Intensives are part of the Spring semester, and you will not be able to participate in lottery/registration unless you update your expected graduation date to May.

I graduate in September or January, do I need to make special arrangements to participate in the May graduation ceremony?

As a September or January graduate, you will automatically receive an invitation to the commencement ceremonies held the following May.

How can I confirm if my degree application was received?

You can refer to the Remaining Requirement page on AIS. Your degree application submission status will be automatically updated once it has been processed.

How will my name appear on the diploma? I notice the transcript has the last name, first name format.

Unlike the transcript, the diploma will display your name in the standard format, first name middle name last name.

Will all records show my diploma name?

Yes, the name you request to appear on the diploma will be displayed on all your academic records.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed out by the Central NYU Registrar about 8 weeks after your official graduation date to the permanent address on record.

I need a replacement diploma, how do I obtain one?

In the event your diploma is lost or damaged, please contact the University Registrar at the address below. The University will supply a replacement diploma, upon proper deposition and the payment of a fee to cover the cost. Before issuing the replacement, however, you will be required to return the damaged diploma, or such portions of it as are available; or, in the case of loss or complete destruction, a notarized affidavit stating this.

Office of the University Registrar
Graduation Services
P.O. Box 910
New York, NY 10276-0910

For additional information, please consult the Diplomas page on the University Registrar’s web site.