FAQs: Letters, Lottery & Registration, Room Assignments


Can the Office of Records & Registration provide a letter verifying my enrollment status or related student information, as needed?

Yes, our office processes student requests for letters. To request a letter visit our office and complete the “Letter Request” form, or submit a request (current students only) on-line here (login required). We commonly receive requests for letters regarding:
  • Enrollment verification
  • Expected graduation date
  • Graduation
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Degree requirement completion
  • Excuse from Jury Duty

What’s the difference between a “degree requirement completion” letter and “graduation” letter?

A degree requirement completion letter confirms that you have completed all degree requirements. This letter is processed prior to the actual degree conferral date. A graduation letter confirms your graduation date.

My family needs to obtain a visa to the US in order to attend the graduation ceremony. Can I request such a letter?

Yes. Simply fill out the letter request form and indicate your family members’ names and their relation to you. We will process the letter within 2-3 business days.

Lottery & Registration

What is a Lottery?

There may be some highly sought-after courses in which demand outweighs seat availability. To help minimize issues, class assignments will be done through a weighted lottery system. This system will take into consideration a student’s program and expected date of graduation. In some cases, it may also take into account the student’s specialization(s). The weighted lottery system will give all students in one cohort (e.g., with the same graduation date) an equal chance of getting into the classes they’ve chosen. 

I’ve been approved to take the Michael Price Investment Fund course. Can I submit it as one of my lottery selections?

You should not put that class as one of your selections. You should come to the Office of Records and Registration in person during the add/drop period and we will manually register you for that class. Please make sure to obtain a credit overload from the Advising Office if necessary.

How do I lottery for courses in Albert?

Please refer to our Albert lottery how-to guide for step-by-step instructions.

Where can I go if I need assistance in prioritizing my lottery selection? I want to know how many students are allowed in certain popular classes.

You can view our lottery hints.

Where do I go to obtain a listing of courses that are pre/co-requisites for other courses?

You can use the reverse course lookup tool in Albert. For instructions on how to access this feature, please refer to the user guide.

I am in the Langone Weekend Program. Can I register for weeknight classes?

Yes, you can register for weeknight classes during the Add/Drop period.

I am in the Langone Westchester Program. Can I register for Washington Square classes?

Yes, you can register for Washington Square classes during the Add/Drop period.

I’m graduating this term. When and how can I register for a “free course”?

All full-time students and Langone students who will exceed their credit maximum in the last semester must submit a request for a credit override to Academic Affairs & Advising before registering for a free course. Once approved, you can register for the class during the add/drop period on the date specified. Please note that the free class must be taken in the semester (and in conjunction with other course work) in which you complete your 60 credit requirement (51 credits for Focused MBA).

Can I audit a course?

Yes. For information regarding Auditing Courses, please see the Academic Affairs and Advising website.

Note: Full tuition and fees apply, and audited classes do not count toward the required degree program credits. Winter module, Late Summer module, and free courses cannot be audited. Auditor status cannot be revoked once it has been requested. An audited class cannot be taken again for credit and a grade.

How do I request a credit overload?

Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs & Advising to request a credit overload

How would I find out if the class I registered for counts toward a certain specialization?

You can find the list of specializations and the corresponding classes here. You can also contact the Office of Academic Affairs & Advising if you have any further questions.

How do I add/drop/swap courses in Albert?

Please refer to the Albert Training Guides for detailed instructions.

Room Assignments

How can I find the location of my classes?

Classroom assignments for your courses are listed on the combination schedule/Bursar receipts mailed to you after you have registered. In addition you can find a listing of classroom assignments on our website here. Furthermore, at the beginning of the semester, classroom assignments will be posted by the elevators in the Kaufman Management Center building and Shimkin Hall, as well as the Records & Registration office bulletin board on the 6th floor of the Kaufman Management Center.