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Nonprofit Partners

The Board Fellows program provides a way for resource-constrained organizations to access valuable business skills and fresh insights.

Some of the benefits for participating organizations include:

  • Gaining access to talented business students who can provide new perspective and input to board and organizational matters
  • Utilizing students’ knowledge, skills, and creativity via a strategic governance project that is of critical important to the board
  • Participating in development of future business and civic leaders while cultivating their interest in community involvement
  • Developing a relationship with potential candidates for future board, staff and volunteer positions
In turn, we would expect the hosting organization to dedicate time to helping the student learn from this unique experience. To ensure a successful experience:
  • Select an active member of the Board to serve as the students’ mentor throughout the year. The mentor will guide the Board Fellow through his or her participation on the board, act as a resource for questions, and educate the Board Fellow about board service.
  • Help Board Fellows develop an understanding of the nonprofit’s goals and challenges
  • Include Board Fellows in full and advisory board meetings, as well as any relevant committee meetings, and introduce Fellows to other Board members
  • Support Board Fellows in the development and completion of a strategic governance project that can be meaningfully completed between September and May
  • Provide data or other information needed for the Board Fellows to complete the project
  • Organize for the Board Fellows to present their final project deliverable to the board

For more information about the Board Fellows Program, please contact us.