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Client Perspectives

Headshot-John Halenar

“Working with the SCC program allowed us to tackle a menu analysis project that we wouldn't have had the time or resources to take on for years otherwise. I'm hoping this is the first of many projects for Mexicue and SCC.”
Thomas Kelly, Mexicue

“I just wanted to say thank you one more time for this year's excellent Stern Consulting Corps program. We have never had an SCC team that was less than outstanding, but I have to say that this year's group was exceptional. The level of business sophistication and technical expertise that they all displayed by the end of the project was just amazing--and truly of critical importance to the institute as it pursues spinning off or partnering with a for-profit entity, the subject of this year's proposal.

We actually had an hour and a half readout of the team's final report prior to the final presentation. As I watched our organization's senior leadership and saw their reaction and frequent nods of agreement, I could tell that what the SCC team was saying was having an impact and was either confirming or refuting many issues and strategies that they have been wrestling with for some time. As I told the team, based in large part on things that happened during the course of this project and new information that became available during our checkpoint meetings, I feel more confident and optimistic about the future of the institute than I have for a long time.

Thanks, too, to our team's honest assessment of some of the issues that they felt were beyond the scope of this year's project, I think I have enough grist to start putting together a proposal for next year. So, you'll be hearing from us again.”
John Halenar, Gaia Institute

“Working with the team at NYU was rewarding on so many levels. The research they did was enlightening. They brought a fresh perspective to the challenge and offered intelligent recommendations. And on a personal level, I enjoyed mentoring the next generation and look forward to doing it again.”
Ann Gilligan,Eileen Fisher