NYU Stern

SCC Partners

SCC project sponsors look to Stern students to help solve problems, target opportunities for growth, and provide critical thinking to help inform future decision-making.

When selecting opportunities for our students, we look for projects that require thoughtful and actionable recommendations to address complex business challenges. Partners must identify a compelling business issue or opportunity for the student team to address which:
  • Is important to the organization’s senior management
  • Involves key MBA business function(s) including strategy, marketing, financial analysis, and/or operations.
  • Lends itself to fact-based analysis
  • Is challenging but does not require extensive industry experience
  • Will be appealing to students and attract them to the project
Selected partner organizations must identify a qualified and highly engaged project supervisor who is a senior executive at the organization. This individual will work closely with the SCC team to provide relevant data, respond to inquiries, and provide feedback regarding team recommendations and progress.

If you are interested in submitting a SCC project proposal, please e-mail studentengagement@stern.nyu.edu.

Below you will find a list of sample SCC projects:

City Harvest

City Harvest exists to end hunger in communities throughout New York City through food rescue and distribution, education, and other practical, innovative solutions. City Harvest's Healthy Neighborhoods Program provides greater access to, and demand for, healthy food choices in underserved communities. SCC students partnered with City Harvest to focus on the relationship between local youth and corner store owners in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn in order to create a sustainable market system for providing healthy snacks for kids while at the same time contributing to the vendor's bottom line. Students interviewed corner store operators to understand opportunities and constraints, as well as area youth to determine what they would like to see as a healthy snack and at what price point. Final recommendations included a variety of healthy, affordable snacks that children want to purchase and that vendors can stock, working within the corner store business model. Read more about the City Harvest SCC team's experience in the New York Post.

Eileen Fisher

EILEEN FISHER is a clothing company which creates beautiful, simple clothing designed to move with real life. SCC students helped the company to understand their evolving our brand image as a brand for all women and a brand built on a strong design ethos. Students conducted in-depth market research and analysis to understand what has worked and what hasn't, which ultimately informed their strategy recommendations for attracting a new customer segment.


As a leader in U.S. microfinance, ACCION USA empowers low-to-moderate income business owners through access to capital and financial education. ACCION's financial education services were subsidized 100% through grant funding, but they were looking for new revenue streams through the educational programs they provide. The SCC team conducted an analysis of the market demand of ACCION's various financial education services, and recommended a promotional strategy and pricing for the organization to monetize these services and create a sustainable revenue stream.

World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund is the world's largest environmental organization. WWF's International Finance team engages directly with investment banks, asset managers, and other major financial institutions in order to improve understanding of environmental risk and develop new products for global food and agriculture industries. SCC students supported the team's work by completing a series of “Financial Landscaping” assessments in which they dissected and analyzed the key financial players behind specific global commodity markets. From this analysis, the team identified key targets and leverage points in the financial system for transforming the market, protecting eco-systems, and enhancing food security at scale through finance.

SCC projects come from a range of organizations, including:

Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation
Carnegie Hall
City Harvest
Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)
Guggenheim Museum
Hudson's Bay Company
International Rescue Committee
Jazz at Lincoln Center
Lower East Side Business Improvement District
Marcus Samuelsson Group
NYU Langone Medical Center
Phoenix Energy Group
Step Up Women's Network
Volunteers of America
The William J. Clinton Foundation