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Lockers for MBA Students

Lockers are offered to all full- time students, and to Langone students based on credit criteria each semester. All lockers are cleaned out during the summer months and reassigned in the fall. Any items left in lockers are discarded over the summer months.

To request a locker, continue to the Locker Management System.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Engagement.

Full-Time MBA students may request a locker for the academic year (August - May). Students can register for a locker on the Locker Assignment page of the Student Information System. Enter your Stern- issued user name and password to receive your locker assignment and combination.

Langone lockers are assigned per semester (Fall & Spring) based on credit criteria and availability. Students who meet the minimum credit criteria will be contacted by the Office of Student Engagement. When requesting a locker, please include University ID (N#) and Net ID, along with your first and last name.

Lockers numbers that are three digits long and begin with a 4 (example: 432) are located on the UC level of the Kaufman Management Center. Lockers with numbers separated by a dash (example: 1-234) are located on the floor corresponding to the number preceding the dash.

Assuming your locker combination is 36-15-30.

1. Turn the locker dial a few times clockwise before stopping on 36.
2. Turn the dial counterclockwise, passing 15 once before stopping on it the second time around.
3. Once again, turn the dial clockwise directly to 30.