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MBA Global Treks


MBA Global Treks offer you the opportunity to gain international perspective and expand your viewpoint on cultural diversity. Through partnerships with club leaders, the Office of Student Engagement facilitates your travel experiences which may include cultural and career motivations.

We encourage you to broaden your mindset through exposure to varying worldviews by giving you chances to travel over Winter or Spring Break, or immediately preceding or following a semester.

Stern Investment Management ResearchBoston Career December 
 Entertainment Media & Technollogy  Association Los Angeles Career January
 Entertainment Media & Technollogy  Association San Francisco - Tech Trek Career January
 Luxury & Retail Club San Francisco Career January
 European Business Society London Career November
 Asian Business Society Hong Kong Career TBC
 Stern Private Equity Club New York Career Fall & Spring
 Japan Business Association Japan Social/Career November
 Emerging Markets Association Peru Social Spring Break
 Japan Business Association Japan Social/Career Sprng Break
 Jewish Students Association Israel Social Spring Break
 Latin American Business Association Brazil Social Spring Break
 Social Enterprise Association Morocco Service/Social Spring Break
 Stern in Africa Capetown & Namibia Social Spring Break
 South Asian Business Association India Social Spring Break
 Association of Hispanic & Black Business Students Cuba Education Spring Break
 Cellar Napa Social February
 Government & Business Association NY/DC Career November & Spring Break
 European Business Society Greece Social Spring Break
 Entrepreneurs' Exchange SXSW Career/Social March