NYU Stern
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LSG WSQ Board Governance

LSG's continuing goal is to offer opportunities that encourage and facilitate student involvement and build a strong sense of community. Each committee chair has specific objectives focused on maximizing Langone students' business school experience. Please contact the committee chair directly with any questions.

The LSG WSQ Executive Board of Directors consists:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of First Year Students
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Vice President of Events
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Vice President of Technology
  • Academic Co-Chairs
  • Admissions Co-Chairs
  • Alumni Co-Chairs
  • Career Co-Chairs
  • Club Co-Chairs
  • Community Service Co-Chairs
  • External Relations Chair
  • Judiciary Chair
  • Legacy Chair
  • Retreat Co-Chairs
  • Weekend Chairs

The LSG Executive Board of Directors typically hosts a monthly conference call and meets once a semester to discuss various projects and issues.

Questions regarding general body meetings should be directed to LSG@stern.nyu.edu.

  • LSG President, Justin Choudhury
  • Executive Vice President, Kira Lom
  • VP of First Year Langone Students, Parul Jhunjhunwala
  • VP of Finance, Ian Pottash
  • VP of Technology, Arun Balasubramanian
  • VP of Marketing, Biney Singh
  • AVP of Marketing, Michael Park
  • VP of Events, Jared Pondelik
  • AVP of Events, Thomas Treanor
  • AVP of Events, Sachin Bhargava
Committee Chairs:
  • Academic, Vaibhav Kothari
  • Academic, Rebecca Weinberg
  • Admissions, Esther Gibofsky
  • Admissions, Kimberly Keller
  • Alumni, Yasmine Galvez
  • Alumni, John Totten
  • Career Services, Kevin Chang
  • Career Services, Michelle T. Ng
  • Club, Vincent Chau
  • Club Katie Hepler
  • Community Service, Shivani Dhir
  • Community Service, Jenna Elson
  • External Relations, Rob Brenan
  • External Relations, Haithem Elembaby
  • Judiciary, JJ Jiang
  • Judiciary, Christian Sison
  • Legacy, Marci Fenichel
  • Legacy, Reshama Shaikh
  • Retreat, Lee Kurland
  • Retreat, Megan Whitman
  • Weekend, Priancka Bhatnagar
  • Weekend, Xiaowan Tian