NYU Stern
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All Board members share the following responsibilities in addition to their own individual functions:
  • Uphold the Student Government's charter
  • Attend regular Board of Directors meetings and general meetings of student leaders
  • Work closely with all members of the Student Government, the Dean's Office, administrative staff, faculty members and the general student body
  • Dedicate themselves to improving all aspects of the Stern experience for MBA students
  • Affirm committee appointments and appoint additional officers
  • Approve the Student Government budget and allocation of funds to MBA clubs

The SGov Executive Board of Directors typically meets weekly to discuss various projects and issues. Matters relating to SGov's budget and different events or projects are discussed at these Board Meetings.

Questions regarding general body meetings should be directed to SGov@stern.nyu.edu.

Please visit our website at https://nyustern.campusgroups.com/sgov/about/.

SGov Sponsored GND Policy

For more information on the Grade Non-Disclosure Policy click here.