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On Campus Event Planning

Steps to Hosting a Successful Club Event

Please download, carefully read and fill out the MBA events check-list. Once completed, please submit to The Office of Student Engagement (KMC 6-120).

Room Set Up/ Catering

When you are having an event in a special event room, you need to fill out the Club Event Request Form to indicate your requests for set up. This form is always necessary for events in special event spaces even without catering AND for events held in classrooms which include catering (such as “Lunch and Learn” presentations).
  • Set up details to list in the SERF: how many event attendees, how many chairs audience style, how many tables (large seated rounds or tall “airport” tables for reception), plastic or linen table cloths, how many seats at panel table, how many tables for food and drink?
  • Catering requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.
  • Customize menus for student clubs: if club is paying for the event, order food through Club Event Request Form. If the sponsor is paying for the event, the sponsor contacts the caterer directly. Students should NOT contact caterers directly. Contact details are provided by OSE.
  • Expenses include:
    • Food
    • Beverage
    • Rentals: linens incur extra cost (about $20 per table cloth)
    • Staff
  • Will alcohol be served?
    If yes: (1) Alcohol must be ordered through NYU-approved caterers and a server is required. (2) Food must be served by NYU catering.
  • Clubs will be charged at full cost for late cancellations.

AV/ Mics/ Recording Requests

Media requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance through the Club Event Request Form. Any request submitted within 72 hours is considered late and cannot by guaranteed. Media is available until 9pm.

Please consider the following restrictions for room capabilities when selecting a room for your event. The following is subject to change as classroom technology is updated, but please use as a reference:
Special event rooms [11-75, 11-185, 5-50, and 1-100] + 1-70 and 2-60: up to 4 mics
The Rooms below can only handle 2 wireless lapel mics:
UC-4, UC -15, UC - 19, UC - 21, T-201, T-200, 2-70, 2-90, 3-50, 3-55, 4-90
The Rooms below are not set up for microphones:
5-75, 5-80, 5-85, 5-90
*Rooms that are not on this list are only wired for ONE wireless lapel microphone.

All classrooms come equipped with a podium PC and projector; special event rooms require a projector and laptop (provided by Stern or client) to be requested. Also, be aware that due to high demand during the academic year, equipment may not always be available for these rooms.

ECHO Recording/Video Streaming: All classrooms with the exception of KMC 4-50 have an Echo for recording events. *Please note that Paulson Auditorium & KMC 2-60 need a microphone in order to capture audio in those rooms.

Details on Promoting Club Events

MBA Announce

MBA Announce is the event newsletter that Student Government (SGov) publishes each week for the MBA student body. MBA clubs and departments can make submissions to MBA Announce by following the instructions:
1. Visit MBA Announce.
2. Select the link within the site and follow the directions to submit your announcement.
3. Log in using your club's user name (not your own) and password.
4. The deadline for submission is Sunday at 2:00 pm.
5. MBA Announce will be sent every Monday at 8:00 am.

Flyers and Posters

Event flyers and posters must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement, first via e-mailing students@stern.nyu.edu prior to printing and then by stamping 10 copies in OSE. Approved locations for posters include block classrooms and bulletin boards outside the KMC (Lobby, 2-5) elevators. Flyers should not be hung in UC-100.

Clubs can place large posters on the display wall in the MBA Club space, located adjacent to the KMC Lobby. Posters should be appropriate displays for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and guests entering the building.

KMC Lobby Club Counter Space

MBA clubs are permitted to use the KMC lobby to publicize events (i.e. conferences, ticket sales, etc.). There are two counters in the club area of the KMC lobby, and each countertop accommodates up to two clubs. Behind the counters, there is a wall for posters. All posters must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Engagement prior to being placed in the lobby. MBA clubs must request table space through the online room reservation system.

Please note: Additional tables and easels will not be set up in the KMC lobby. If "MBA Club Counter Slots" does not appear in the online room reservation system, then all spaces for that time slot are already reserved. Contact Office of Student Engagement with specific questions.