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Student Finances

Access all the information you need to manage your club’s finances below:


Reimbursement requests are processed by the Office of Student Engagement.

Students spending money on behalf of a club, block, or core group must fill out appropriate paperwork to be reimbursed. Required documents and instructions can be found on the Student Leadership Guide Finances page.

Blocks and Core Groups are allotted $500 per semester/ $1000 per year. Block funds do not carry over. More information on block funds/core group funds can be found on the Student Leadership Guide under the Block Leaders tab and Core Group Leaders tab.

Block Proposal Opportunities (submit a compelling idea, invite a faculty to your block) are allotted $500 per approved program, with an opportunity for one event in the Fall and two in the Spring. The funds do not roll over from event to event.

Completed forms require at least 4 weeks to process. Upon approval of reimbursement request, students will be emailed to pick up reimbursement. For cash reimbursements under $300, your approved reimbursement form allows you to receive a cash reimbursement from the Bursar’s office. Check reimbursements may be picked up in the Office of Student Engagement.

The Office of Student Engagement reserves the right to refuse any reimbursement request for spending deemed inappropriate or unreasonable.

AP Workflow

Reimbursements processed for students approved to spend over $300 on behalf of a club are processed through AP Workflow. Instructions on how to access and approve expenses via AP Workflow can be found on the Student Leadership Guide Finances page.


Club deposits are processed by the Office of Student Engagement.

All checks written to a club should be made out to New York University Stern. NYU Stern, Stern School, etc will not be accepted.

Attach one photocopy of all checks along with originals of all checks to the deposit form. If submitting cash, you must make arrangements to submit in person to OSE during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm).

Monthly Budgets

Club balances and a list of transactions are maintained by the Office of Student Engagement and sent to club finance officers on a monthly basis. Clubs should keep their own set of records, and use the statements from the Office of Student Engagement to verify what has cleared and to note any discrepancies. To request your club’s balance or add a member to receive the spreadsheet, email money@stern.nyu.edu.