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China Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd



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The Challenge
  • China Southern needed a forum in which it could develop its high potential portfolio managers and equity analysts into the company’s future financial leaders
  • This target group needed to further develop and update their understanding of current financial theory, as well as refine their analytical skills in their respective areas of asset management
  • To ensure the continued success of China Southern, this select group of high-potentials also needed to bolster its intuitive understanding of key financial markets and instruments in order to improve communication within the organization

Program Design
  • Created the China Southern Finance Foundations for Executives Program that highlighted high potentials and developed their ability to grow and contribute within the organization
  • Developed a long-term, in-depth initiative that delivered a foundational finance curriculum that will change each year based on ongoing developments in global financial markets and China Southern’s most pressing challenges
  • Delivered content that emphasized the growing importance of China as a major player in international financial markets and executives’ roles in the company’s global future
  • Incorporated senior practitioners’ perspectives on alternative investments and risk management

Program Outcomes
  • Participants continue to grow into more senior roles within the organization
  • Participants have a deeper understanding of finance and a global perspective that drives their vision
  • Participants have increased their ability to successfully support China Southern’s business functions


"By empowering our executives to gain a deeper understanding of key financial principles, we will be able to improve our global exposure and make better strategic choices."
- Gao liangyu, President

"Through the Finance Foundations for Executives program at NYU Stern, our high-potentials had the opportunity to develop their understanding of asset management related finance topics, including equity valuation, through instruction from world renowned finance faculty such as Professor Aswath Damodaran."
- 岑瑾 Jane Cen, Senior Manager, Human Resources Department

"Professor Gode has a very logical and insightful teaching style. His sessions on M&A and Security Analysis were extremely relevant to my work."
- Program participant