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Stern's Partnership Process



Our iterative custom program development process begins and ends with a focus on your organization. From our first conversation to post-program assessment, we maintain an active exchange with you to create a unique proprietary program that is directly applicable to participants’ daily work.

Needs Analysis

needs analysis
Our partnership process begins with a series of guided conversations. What are your needs, current challenges and vision for a successful future? We listen to you to learn about your desired outcomes and critical success factors. By understanding your specific learning goals and business challenges, we can ascertain how NYU Stern can best leverage its capabilities to serve your organization.

Program Development

development diagram
Through an iterative, cooperative design process, the Custom Programs team and NYU Stern faculty will develop a program proposal that outlines specific class sessions and activities that will deliver the best learning outcomes for your target participant group. The proposal acts as a shared working document, encouraging your active input in each stage of curriculum refinement.

Program Delivery

delivery diagram
Our focus on your specific needs as an organization go beyond program design. Upon your decision to move forward with the proposed curriculum design, a dedicated Program Manager will work with you to coordinate and customize each element of the upcoming engagement. Our commitment to customization —  from pre-program materials to daily catering — enables you to shape the entire participant experience as you see fit.

During the program, the Program Manager and our Operations Team provide participants with full-time support to ensure a seamless and professional learning experience.

Assessment & Refinement

A&R Diagram
Upon completion of program delivery, we initiate a formal After Action Review (AAR) to elicit your feedback and identify areas for improvement.

What are your upcoming business challenges? Are there new participant groups from your organization that would benefit from a Custom Program? Are there existing open enrollment Short Courses that can supplement your Custom Program?  

Based on your input, we continue the conversation with a commitment to our ongoing partnership in education.