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In-Class Materials

Overview, Industry History, State-owned Enterprises - Professor George Smith

In-class Materials

Railroad Policy - Ron Hynes, Federal Railroad Administration

Due to information restrictions, we are not able to provide a soft copy of this material.

Freight Operations and Economics - Bill Goetz, CSX Transportation
2011 CSX Annual Report

Strategic Analysis - Professor Rob Salomon
Business Strategy 1
Business Strategy 2
California High Speed Rail Case Exercise

Strategic Operational Audit - Professor Eitan Zemel
In-class Materials

The Impact of Urbanization - Professor Paul Romer
In-class Materials

Modernization of the Panama Canal - Professor Harry Chernoff
In-class Materials

Change Management - Professor Batia Wiesenfeld
In-class Materials

Lunch Speaker - Tony Hatch, Analyst

Leadership: Change in Organizational Culture
- Professor Steve Blader
In-class Materials