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Pre-reading Materials

Overview, Industry History, State-owned Enterprises - Professor George Smith

Strategic Analysis - Professor Rob Salomon
California High-Speed Rail Case
Integrated Strategy Case
Taiwan High-Speed Rail Case

Strategic Operational Audit - Professor Eitan Zemel
Shouldice Hospital Case

Shouldice Hospital is as different from Indian Railways as can possibly be imagined: Size, structure, objectives, industry, country and so on. Read the Shouldice case, and listen to the following TED talk about Aravind Hospital, possibly the best eye hospital in the world, and reflect on any aspect of these two hospitals which may be relevant to Indian Railways.


Modernization of the Panama Canal - Professor Harry Chernoff
Reengineering World Mobility: The Panama Canal Effect

Change Management - Professor Batia Mishan Wiesenfeld
John Smithers at Sigtek
Leading Change - Why Tranformation Efforts Fail

The other sessions do not have corresponding pre-reading material.