NYU Stern
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Topics of Expertise

Executive Education courses at NYU Stern are designed for senior executives and high-potential managers to retool, extend, advance, and expand their areas of interest. Whether your interest is leadership and strategy, business analytics and marketing, or finance and risk management, NYU Stern’s world-class faculty and over 100 years of business education back up a promise that you will emerge from our programs better equipped to master the challenges and opportunities of both your corporate environment and the global marketplace.

Leadership and Strategy

To analyze your own potential for leadership and develop a personal leadership plan, consider NYU Stern’s leadership and strategy topics. Learn about the myths and realities of leadership, how to develop your own personal style, bring others on board, and sustain your position in a competitive world.

Business Analytics and Marketing

To understand Big Data and how to leverage it to your company’s advantage, our business analytics and marketing courses will teach you how analytics can better inform your decision making and strategy formation, how to seize the opportunity to turn analytics into business insights and drive innovation, and how best to exploit digital marketing and social networks.

Finance and Risk Management

NYU Stern’s world-renowned experts in finance and risk management will enable risk professionals to gain a more global perspective in the field, provide non-risk executives with the tools to interact effectively with risk managers and finance professionals, and help industry analysts unlock the balance sheets of the companies they cover.

The best minds in executive education are at NYU Stern. Take advantage.