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Finance and Risk Management

Finance and risk management are integral to the soundness and forward motion of any organization in any sector of the economy. The ability to understand and leverage these two fundamental functions in order to identify and seize opportunities for growth is an indispensable skill for the well-rounded executive.

Finance cuts across all aspects of a firm, and unfamiliarity with the basics is a tremendous handicap in the competitive environment of any organizational culture. Similarly, weather, economies, political upheaval – all have recently demonstrated the potential for acute disruption of well-laid plans and comfortable futures. Maintaining a state of readiness for the unpredictable has never been more important, making a familiarity with the concepts, language, and style of risk management a must.

Our courses are designed for high-potential managers both within and outside of the finance and risk management functions.




The Emerging CFO: Building Global, Financial and Strategic LeadershipApril 14-18, 2014$9,473
Finance and Accounting for Non-Finance ExecutivesMay 21-23, 2014$5,100
ValuationJuly 15-17, 2014$5,100