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Mariano Balaguer

Balancing Work, Family, and an Executive MBA

Even before enrolling in NYU Stern’s Executive MBA program, Mariano Balaguer was juggling a number of demanding responsibilities, such as dedicating 50-hour work weeks to his job as finance director at Nestle Waters, where he oversees the performance of a multi-million dollar business. He also runs his own aromatic herbs and vineyard businesses based in his native country, Argentina. On top of these commitments, Mariano is a husband and father of four young children, two of whom are a brand new set of twins. For Mariano, picking the right Executive MBA program meant finding a program that would allow him to gain the skills and experiences he was seeking while also providing work-school balance to continue to succeed in all of his challenging roles.

One of the decision-making factors in his selection of an EMBA program was Stern’s program flexibility, including taking only two classes at a time. According to Mariano, “By taking just two classes together, I am better able to manage my workload. The program administration provides flexibility in scheduling exams to help us balance academics, work, and personal responsibilities.”

Mariano’s study team was also accommodating, and members developed schedules based on work and personal commitments. When one student was extremely busy, others took on more responsibility within the team. Mariano was grateful for this when the group re-distributed their work in preparation for the birth of his twins: “I played a larger role within my team before the babies were born so that I could spend important time with my family when the time came.” He also recognizes the difference that the seemingly little touches made, such as having his textbooks delivered rather than waiting in line at a bookstore. He could rely on the program’s Student Services Team to handle many of the smaller details, so he could focus on his studies, along with his work and family.

Mariano Balaguer
Finance Director, Marketing Innovation and Renovation
Nestle Waters North America
EMBA Candidate, 2010