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Alex Xethalis

Executive MBA 2012


Hear from Alex:


Why an MBA?


Executive MBA student Alex Xethalis, who serves as a principal at The Nations Group Advisors, a Native-American owned and managed registered investment advising company, sought an MBA to strengthen his skills in operations, management and marketing. When he learned about the unique scholarship opportunities at NYU Stern, one of the few schools providing scholarships at the Executive MBA level, Alex was further encouraged to apply. “The scholarship offer definitely helped seal the deal in terms of my enrollment at Stern,” says Alex.

Almost immediately, Alex noticed the impact that his coursework had on his work. “Coming to Stern with a background in finance, I was really excited to take courses in Quantitative Finance and Valuation -- some of the things that I enjoy doing professionally,” he says. “What I didn’t realize was how much I would love the Marketing class with Professor Priya Raghubir.” Alex’s final project for the class was a comprehensive marketing strategy for The Nations Group Advisors complete with a focus group and soft launch beta test. “The attention and assistance I received from both Professor Raghubir and my peers helped me to develop a strategy and implement a campaign that certainly would have required outside contractors had I not had access to experts in the field through Stern’s Executive MBA program,” Alex explains.