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Rusty Segan

Executive MBA 2011

While serving as a surgeon in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, Rusty Segan sustained an injury that effectively ended his surgical career. Upon returning to the U.S., Rusty decided to transition his career and gain some formal business training by enrolling in NYU Stern’s Executive MBA Program. Now at Stern, Rusty is still striving to improve the lives of patients. Serving as vice president of global medical affairs and deputy chief medical officer at Covidien, a global provider of healthcare products including medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, Rusty is part of the company’s executive leadership team.

Upon starting the program, Rusty discovered that much of the course work was immediately applicable to his work at Covidien. Rusty explains: “My accounting course helped me evaluate some of Covidien’s investments; a course on the global economy revealed insights about key regions where the company seeks to grow; and our studies in marketing have helped me differentiate Covidien products from the competition.”

Rusty is excited to continue enhancing his business acumen in the program, and he looks forward to assuming more challenging leadership roles at Covidien. According to him, “Considering the importance of healthcare in today’s economy, I could not have chosen a better time or place to pursue my business education.”