Lisa Deschamps

Executive MBA, Class of January 2014

After 16 years at Novartis and responsibility for a portfolio generating $1B annually in gross sales, Lisa Deschamps wondered if she still had anything to gain from an MBA. “I had contemplated the decision a number of times over the last five years,” says Lisa, “and there never seemed to be the right time.” She was ready to apply a few years ago but instead chose to accept an assignment in Switzerland that provided amazing global business experience but again delayed her pursuit of the degree. Back in the U.S., Lisa resolved that an MBA was instrumental in broadening both her business perspective and her professional network after years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Moving into year two of the program, Lisa is happy with the decision to pursue the NYU Stern Executive MBA program and says “I expect that my extensive work experience coupled with the enhanced skills from my MBA will differentiate me in the global market place for a senior general management role.” The core courses that further enhanced her personal expertise were Strategy and Professional Responsibility. She credits the faculty for expanding her thinking beyond the conventional mindset and providing a structure to apply the learning to everyday situations. In her role as Executive Director Lisa collaborates with corporate attorneys and often refers to Professor Bruce Buchannan’s lessons on fiduciary duty and other relevant topics to guide the conversation.

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