NYU Stern
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Moses Sureshkumar

Executive MBA 2011



As the founder and managing partner of Netrocon Systems, an IT consultancy, Moses Sureshkumar has been able to apply his NYU Stern Executive MBA education almost immediately to run his growing business. Leading the company has required gaining an overall understanding of all aspects of business management, which includes accounting, marketing, strategy, economics and leadership. Even after 15 years of on-the-job learning, the formal education he is gaining at Stern has been helping Moses bring change to Netrocon right away.

“I’m already using my recently acquired accounting skills to review financial statements much more closely and to ask our accountants more meaningful questions. I’m using my marketing knowledge to revamp our entire marketing strategy and to focus on brand building and channel marketing.”

In addition to applying the practical knowledge, Moses is leveraging his new relationships with fellow students for both advice and business opportunities. Reviewing case studies in class showed Moses how much experience his classmates possessed. The discussions explored real-world issues, like the ones Moses faced, and what companies do to resolve them. Moses was inspired to seek out advice from fellow classmates and utilize their management experience to help his own company.

Moses’s entrepreneurial spirit is still in high gear and now enhanced with a broad set of management skills. “I’m hoping that when the economy starts to pick up, I’ll be in a good position to take the company to the next level. Some of the groundwork that we are doing currently should start to pay off in the long run. I’m also planning on venturing into other types of businesses where I can put my MBA skills to the test.”