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About Sponsorship

Employers find Executive MBA sponsorship a valuable way to attract, reward and retain top talent. There are different ways to provide sponsorship to employees interested in pursuing an Executive MBA program. While we require time sponsorship for any applicant pursuing the program, some organizations will also provide a predetermined amount of tuition remission for pursuit of an Executive MBA program and others may provide a full financial scholarship to employees.

Sponsoring high-potential employees for the NYU Stern Executive MBA program will help your organization demonstrate its commitment to employee career development. Other benefits:
  • The Executive MBA general management curriculum is infused with a global approach to business, providing students with a strong foundation in leadership and management, which they bring back to your firm.
  • Because students participate in the program while continuing to work, they are able to immediately apply classroom learnings within their organizations.
  • Sponsorship can be used to reward exceptional performance and target employees for career advancement. It can also help to increase employee loyalty and retention.
  • Sponsoring employees for the Executive MBA program can give organizations an advantage over other organizations that are competing for the same talented professionals.
For more information about sponsoring employees for the NYU Stern Executive MBA program, please contact

 Did you know?

All Executive MBA students must receive time sponsorship from their organizations. While some receive full financial sponsorship, many are partially or fully self-funded.