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Researching Financial Sponsorship

The first step in considering financial sponsorship options is a personal one. What type of financial commitment are you able—and willing—to make? How much support will you need from your organization? Investigate your own company’s sponsorship policy, if one exists. If your organization has an internal nomination process for sponsorship, find out how far in advance will you need to begin the process.

We encourage you to investigate Financial Aid options early in the process. Those applicants receiving minimal to no financial sponsorship are also eligible to be considered for a scholarship.

If your company has a financial sponsorship (or scholarship) program in place, be sure you meet any pre-qualifications established by your employer. Some organizations may require a minimum number of years with the company or a certain level achieved in an employee’s annual review. Mine your network: talk with colleagues who have been through an Executive MBA program to discuss how the sponsorship process worked for them. You may also find some helpful negotiation tips from friends and acquaintances who have been through the process at other companies.