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Types of Sponsorship

There are two different types of sponsorship.
  1. Time Sponsorship: your employer’s acknowledgment and support of the time you will be required to be out of the office to attend classes and complete your MBA.
This is a required component of our formal application. The online application includes a Sponsorship Form that must be signed by your employer.

Required time out of the office includes:
  • All class days (approximately two Fridays and Saturdays per month for 22 months)
  • 2 one-week residency periods
    • One local residency in Year 1
    • One Global Study Tour in Year 1
    • (Students who elect the Global Study Tour in Year 2 require an additional one-week residency.) 
(Available calendars for the first academic year of the program are here.)
  1. Financial Sponsorship: the portion, if any, of the program’s cost that will be covered by your employer.
Financial sponsorship is not required to apply.

Did you know...

  • All Executive MBA students must receive time sponsorship from their organizations.
  • However, financial sponsorship is not a requirement and students can be fully self-funded or have some portion of their tuition covered by their employer.