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The MS in Risk Management program covers all key dimensions of risk encountered in both financial and non-financial services businesses. The course material of the program is put into the context of both the current and prospective regulatory environment, encompassing each of the main dimensions of risk.

 Foundations of Risk Management
  • Pre-work designed to establish a common body of knowledge
  • Option pricing, risk analytics, fixed income markets
  • Topics in volatility
Key Types of Risks
  • Credit risk, market risk, reputational risk, strategic risk, liquidity risk and operational risk
  • Measuring and modeling risk and developing risk metrics
  • Stress-testing and back-testing of risk models and integration into firm strategies
Implications of Risk Management
  • Qualitative side of risk management-behavioral finance
  • Risk considerations in organizational design and leaderships
  • Risk as it impacts the global nature of today’s business environment
  • Regulatory dimensions impacting risk assessment and control
Risk Management in Application
  • Capstone project addressing a broader strategic challenge
  • Distance learning courses relating to current risk management issues in practice
  • Case discussions, exercises and simulations integrated throughout the program.