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Participants will have the advantage of learning from leaders in the field of risk management who have practical experience through their advisory and consulting work and through interaction with executives in a variety of higher education programs. These individuals are finance professors with deep applied experience, not mathematicians or statisticians. Faculty is selected based on their thought leadership and expertise in the field.

World Renowned Faculty

Stern faculty offers Thought Leadership in Risk Management. The students are exposed to world class faculty and industry leaders that have depth of global expertise and real world experience
  • The NYU Stern Finance Department was ranked #1 by the Financial Times in 2012
  • Social Science Research Network rates NYU Stern #2 among the top 500 US business schools for user downloads of its research
  • Stern's Finance Department's reputation consistently places it in the top 3 in U.S. News & World Report.
NYU Program Faculty:
Ingo Walter
Viral Acharya
Ed Altman
Robert Engle
 Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
Van Nieuwerburgh
Bruce Tuckman_article
Bruce Tuckman