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Blended Learning

The NYU Stern MS in Risk Management is based on a blended learning approach combining both synchronous (in-person classroom time) and asynchronous learning (independent study).

Modules are divided into three phases: pre-module, module, and post-module.

Pre-module: Research Phase
This begins 4-6 weeks prior to the in-class teaching session. Students prepare for the module by completing qualitative and quantitative assignments that include readings and cases, tutorials and diagnostics, and exercises and written assessments. Completion of the pre-module material ensures a more rigorous and productive classroom experience.

Module: Residential Period
Students and leading faculty, industry experts, and practitioners come together for valuable “in-class” residential periods. The classroom provides a dynamic environment for discovery and collaboration with your classmates.

Post-module: Application
The post-module is designed as the implementation phase of the module. Students are challenged to apply the material and concepts covered during the pre-module phase and residential period to solidify their learning. Deliverables are in the form of case studies, written assignments, projects, and group work.