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Risk Management at NYU Stern

The Importance of Risk Management
Risk has always been—and will continue to be—pervasive in all lines of business. Regardless of the activity or industry, effective and efficient risk management—just like revenue-generation and cost-efficiency—underpins the value of an enterprise. The objective of risk management is not to minimize enterprise risk, but rather to manage it as efficiently as possible and extract the best possible returns to shareholders from firm-specific risk exposure. Inevitably, risk management is inseparable from strategic positioning, execution and competitive performance.
Risk is variable across industries, geographies, and time. Central bank policies can shock the financial architecture and its end-users. Major industrial accidents look unique, but can transform the way operational risk is viewed in an entire sector of the economy. Political decisions like Brexit can be a game-changer for business strategies. Waves of migrants driven by war, terror, famine or just seeking a better life can change whole societies. Tech developments can drastically cut information and transactions costs, disrupting how things are done and opening the field to threats from new competitors as well as new opportunities for incumbents. And the rules of the game—from anti-trust enforcement to business conduct in markets—can pose severe challenges, require heavy investments in regulatory compliance, and make entire lines of business uneconomic.

Our Commitment:
The Master of Science in Risk Management program delivers both breadth and depth in understanding the key risk issues for business practitioners across a variety of businesses and functions.  We cut across the classic “foundation” risk domains as well as frontiers of risk management that are still being defined and calibrated. Graduates of this program will enhance their academic capabilities and credentials in an area of expertise that is fundamental to the sustainable performance of their organizations.
Our program reflects the diverse and dynamic key issues of global risk. Mastery of core risk management tools is essential, and the way these concepts are discussed and the examples utilized change all the time. We re-examine key applications surrounding this core each year, leaving graduates with the skills to help shape their professional performance. The substantive elements of the program are complemented by global modules, enriching the geographic context of risk management issues. 

The Master of Science in Risk Management program is a one year, part-time program divided into five on-site class sessions (modules) at NYU Stern in New York and two rotating global locations. This part-time format reduces the absence from the office to approximately 5 weeks over the course of the year. Between modules, students complete an average of 15-20 hours per week of work via distance learning. For more information on the format, please click here.

Top Ranked Faculty:
The Master of Science in Risk Management is taught entirely by senior, full-time faculty members who are well-known for their mastery of subject matter, their contributions to original research in their respective fields, and their ability to convey complex material in clear, relevant, and interesting ways.

Global Network:
Participants will have the opportunity to cross-learn and share best practices among current students and alumni from past cohorts. Graduates will also join NYU’s alumni network as they earn a single degree issued by New York University Stern School of Business.

Academic Partnerships:
View more information on the MS in Risk Management Program's academic partnerships with GARP and PRMIA. 

NYU Stern:
New York City is one of the world's great financial and business capitals, and NYU Stern is in the middle of it all. Close to Wall Street, and located in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYU Stern is one of the world's leading research institutions. Academic excellence is always a top priority, and with its incomparable location and prestigious reputation, the university has been able to attract top-tier professors from around the globe as well as distinguished visiting professors from the worlds of business, politics, and academia. NYU Stern has a distinctive edge in its ability to balance business theory with practical experience. It also provides unique opportunities for students to meet business leaders and learn firsthand how their companies work.