Dhananjay Gode


Dan Gode is a Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting at New York University Stern School of Business. Professor Gode teaches courses in corporate financial accounting.

Professor Gode has been with NYU Stern since 1998. He was voted as the "Professor of the Year" in 2002. His primary research areas include financial analysis, legal liability of firms, valuation, managerial accounting, and performance measurement. Professor Gode has been published in theQuarterly Journal of Economics and the Journal of Political Economy.

Professor Gode received his bachelor of science in electronics and communication engineering from the Institute of Technology, India and his masters in business administration from the Indian Institute of Management. Professor Gode received his Master of Science in information systems, Master of Science in accounting, and his Doctor of Philosophy in accounting with a minor in information from Carnegie Mellon University.

Research Interests


Courses Taught

Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting

Academic Background

Ph.D., Accounting, 1994

M.S., Accounting, 1992

M.S., Information Systems, 1990

M.B.A., Information Systems, 1988
Indian Institute of Management

B.S., Electrical Engineering, 1986
Institute of Technology
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