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Certificate in Corporate Finance: Course Topics

The course is delivered over 15 weeks with multiple topics released each week. The assessments for the course include three quizzes, one final project, and one final exam. The seven optional live sessions take place at 12 p.m. EST and are recorded and posted to the course website after their conclusion. Please see below for the topics covered in the course:

Intro | Introduction to Class Structure and Description
Week 1 | Broad Themes and First Principles; Utopia and Let Down; Reality and Reaction
Week 2 | Defining and Measuring Risk; The Risk Free Rate; The Equity Risk Premium
Week 3 | Country Risk; Relative Risk - Regression Betas and Beta Determinants
Week 4 | Relative Risk - Bottom-up Betas; Cost of Debt
Week 5 | Cost of Capital; Projects and Accounting Returns
Week 6 | Incremental Cash Flow Returns; Loose Ends; Debt versus Equity - The Tradeoff
Week 7 | The Cost of Capital Approach: Basics, Extensions, and Wrap-up
Week 8 | APV and Relative Analysis; Moving to the Optimal; The Perfect Financing
Week 9 | Dividend Facts; The Trade-off on Dividends; Assessment
Week 10 | Action and Follow-Up; The End Game 
Week 11 | Valuation: Introduction and the Big Picture; Cash Flows and Discount Rates
Week 12 | Growth and Value; The Terminal Value 
Week 13 | Valuation: Loose Ends; The Value of Control 
Week 14 | Relative Valuation (Pricing); Closing Thoughts
Week 15 | Final Exam