Fields of Study

Stern students are intellectually integrated within their academic departments. With offices next to faculty and doors always open, students and faculty engage daily in informal conversations that foster research ideas as well as close relationships. At their time of application, students must choose from one of our eight fields of study.

While doctoral studies at Stern is interdisciplinary and one's research may span several fields, students must establish a foundation in a particular field and fulfill the program requirements of that department.

Our Programs


  Capital markets, earnings management, voluntary disclosure/management guidance, corporate governance, and financial institutions and instruments.


  Industrial organization and applied micro theory, including applications to strategy, and macroeconomics, including applications to finance and international economics.


  Asset pricing, corporate finance, derivatives, market microstructure, and behavioral finance.

Information Systems

  Data science, business analytics, cross-disciplinary scholarship in computer science, economics, machine learning, marketing, management science and urban science.


  Strategy, the study of the behavior of individual employees and managers within organizations, organization theory, and the study of organizational structures and processes.


  Consumer psychology, information processing, judgement and decision making, structural models, Bayesian analyses, branding, social networks and media, word of mouth, and the use of digital media.

Operations Management

  Design contracts and quality systems for the management of decentralized supply chains, best practices in retailing, revenue management applications, health care operations, call center management, task and workforce scheduling, internet business models and strategies, and how to forecast new product sales.


  Time series, econometrics, and machine learning methods.

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