PhD Students on the Job Market

Tarek Abdallah [CV]
Research Interests: Revenue Management and Pricing and Data-Driven Decision Making Problems. 

Job Market Paper: "Large-scale Bundle Size Pricing: A Theoretical Analysis."
Operations Management
: Joshua Reed (Chair), Arash Asadpour, Gustavo Vulcano.
Mohsan Bilal [CV]
Research Interests: Asset Pricing (Theoretical and Empirical), Macro-Finance, International Finance, Monetary Policy. 

Job Market Paper: "Zeroing In: Asset Pricing Near the Zero Lower Bound."
: Xavier Gabaix (Co-Chair), Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh (Co-Chair), Alexi Savov, Itamar Dreschler.
Justin Deng [CV]
Research Interests: Earnings Properties, Firm Press Releases, The Frequency of Financial Reporting, Market Anomalies. 

Job Market Paper: "How a Firm's News Releases Impact Investors' Understanding of Earnings: An Examination of Earnings as Confirmation."
: Stephen Ryan (Chair), Mary Billings, Michael Jung, Lawrence White.
Sonia Gilbukh [CV]
Research Interests: Search Economics, Industrial Organization, Real Estate.

Job Market Paper: "Heterogeneous Real Estate Agents and the Housing Cycle."
: Luis Cabral (Chair), Stijn Van Niewerburgh, Petra Moser.
Liu Liu [CV]
Research Interests: Substantive: Visual Marketing, Social Media, Branding, Product Design, Choice Modeling; Methodological: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Data Science.

Job Market Paper: "Visual Listening In: Extracting Brand Image Portrayed on Social Media."
Advisors: Daria Dzyabura (Chair), Yuxin Chen.
K. Francis Park [CV]
Research Interests: Technological Change and Incumbent Adapation, Digital Revolution, Behavioral Strategy, Decision Making.

Job Market Paper: "Technological Change in Two-Sided Markets: The Digital Revolution and Local U.S. Newspapers."
Advisors: Zur Shapira (Chair), Elizabeth Boyle, Sinziana Dorobantu, Deepak Hegde, Robert Seamans.
Tianyue Ruan [CV]
Research Interests: Financial Intermediation and Regulation, Systemic Risk, Macro-Finance.

Job Market Paper: "The Economics of Shadow Banking: Lessons from Surrogate Intermediaries in China."
: Robert F. Engle (Co-Chair), Robert F. Whitelaw (Co-Chair), Jennifer N. Carpenter, Philipp Schnabl.
Fahad Saleh [CV]
Research Interests: FinTech, Asset Pricing.

Job Market Paper: "Blockchain Without Waste: Proof-of-Stake."
: Raghu Sundaram (Co-Chair), David Yermack (Co-Chair), Robert Engle, Joel Hasbrouck, Kose John, Thomas Philippon.
Siddharth Vij [CV]
Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation.

Job Market Paper: "Acquiring Failed Banks."
: Philipp Schnabl (Chair), Viral Acharya, Alexi Savov, David Yermack.
Di Wu [CV]
Research Interests: Asset Pricing

Job Market Paper: "A Disaster Explanation for the Term Structure of Returns."
: Xavier Gabaix (Chair), Yakov Amihud, Ralph Koijen, Kose John.