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PhD Students on the Job Market

The following students are on the job market in the 2014-2015 academic year (this page continues to be updated.)

mcedergren Matthew Cedergren [CV]
Research Interests: Management Forecasting & Disclosure, Information Content of Accounting Measures, Insider Trading & Securities Litigation, Capital Markets, Initial Public Offerings, Accounting Issues in Silicon Valley/High-Tech Firms

Job Market Paper: "Joining the Conversation: How Quiet is the IPO Quiet Period?"
Advisors: Baruch Lev (chair), Mary Billings, Kose John, April Klein, Paul Zarowin
aferriere Axelle Ferriere [CV]
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy, Heterogeneity, Uncertainty

Job Market Paper: "Sovereign Default, Inequality, and Progressive Taxation"
Advisors: Thomas J. Sargent, David Backus, Thomas Philippon, Stanley Zin
egreen Elad Green [CV]
Research Interests: Technological Uncertainty and Competitive Dynamics in Emerging Technological Markets, Organizational Search and Innovation, Managerial Decision-Making

Job Market Paper: "Parallel Search as a Competitive Response: How Technological Positioning Affects R&D Strategy"
Advisors: J.P. Eggers (co-chair), Zur Shapira (co-chair), Melissa Schilling, Luis Cabral
Sara Negrelli job market photo Sara Negrelli [CV]
Research Interests: Game Theory, Microeconomics, Applied Microeconomics, Financial Economics

Job Market Paper: "Bubbles and Crashes with Higher Order Uncertainty"
Advisors: Laura Veldkamp (chair), David Backus, Ignacio Esponda
esiriwardane Emil Siriwardane [CV]
Research Interests: Credit Risk, Macro Finance with Intermediation, Rare Disasters and Extreme Events, Systemic Risk and Financial Stability, Empirical Asset Pricing, Financial Econometrics

Job Market Paper: "Concentrated Capital Losses and the Pricing of Corporate Credit Risk"
Advisors: Robert Engle (chair), Viral Acharya, Xavier Gabaix, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
Michael Smolyansky [CV]
Research Interests: Empirical Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation, Tax Policy

Job Market Paper: "Policy Externalities and Banking Integration"
Advisors: Alexander Ljungqvist (chair), Holger Mueller, Philipp Schnabl, Viral Acharya
stully Stephanie Tully [CV]
Research Interests: Consumer Behavior, Judgment and Decision Making, Consumer Experiences, Consumer Financial Decision Making, and Consumer Well-Being.

Job Market Paper: "Seeking Lasting Utility with Limited Money: Financial Constraints Increase Preference for Material Goods Over Experiences"
Advisors: Tom Meyvis (chair)
syu Sandy Yu [CV]
Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Strategy, Technology, Entrepreneurship

Job Market Paper: "The Impact of Accelerators on High-Technology Ventures"
Advisors: Luis Cabral (co-chair), Adam Bradenburger (co-chair), John Asker, Robert Seamans