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PhD Students on the Job Market

The following students are on the job market in the 2013-2014 academic year. (This page continues to be updated.)

Jing Chen job market photo Jing Chen [CV]
Research Interests: Firms' Disclosure Choices, Financial Analysts, Institutional Investors

Job Market Paper: "Lowball Guidance and Management's Credibility"
Advisors: Baruch Lev (chair), Mary Billings, Alex Dontoh, Michael Jung, Stephan Ryan
Jason Hong job market photo 2 Jason Hong [CV]
Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper:
"The Threat of Exclusion in Bargaining for Networks: Formularies in Medicare Part D"
Advisors: John Asker (chair), Allan Collard-Wexler, Kei Kawai, Robin Lee

Yunok Cho job market photo Yunok Cho [CV]
Research Interests:
Firm International Strategy and Performance, Firm Investment and Productivity Growth, International Joint Venture

Job Market Paper: "The Liability of Foreignness, R&D Investment, and Productivity Growth"
Advisors: Luís Cabral (chair), John Asker, Allan Collard-Wexler, Rob Salomon
Sara Negrelli job market photo Sara Negrelli [CV]
Research Interests: Game Theory, Microeconomics, Applied Microeconomics, Financial Economics

Job Market Paper: "Bubbles and Crashes with Higher Order Uncertainty"
Advisors: Laura Veldkamp (chair), David Backus, Ignacio Esponda
Andrei Savochkin job market photo Andrei Savochkin [CV]
Research Interests: Decision Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Experimental Economics

Job Market Paper: “Mistake Aversion and a Theory of Robust Decision Making”
Advisors: Adam Brandenburger, Efe A. Ok, Paolo Ghiradato
Shaojun Zhang job market photo Shaojun Zhang [CV]
Research Interests: Asset Pricing (empirical and theoretical), International Finance, Incomplete Markets

Job Market Paper: "The Implications of Limited Stock Market Participation For International Risk Sharing and Asset Prices"

Advisors: Stijn van Nieuwerburgh (chair), Matteo Maggiori, Thomas M. Mertens, Robert Whitelaw

Jason Chan job market photo Jason Chan [CV]
Research Interests: Econometric Modeling; Social, Economic and Health Impacts of IT

Job Market Paper: "Social and Health Impacts of Internet Platforms"
Information Systems
Advisors: Anindya Ghose (chair), Asim Ansari, Robert Seamans, Prasanna Tambe
Jigar Patel job market photo Jigar Patel [CV]
Research Interests: Innovation and Supply-chain Management, Game Theory

Job Market Paper: "Optimizing Product Launches in the Presence of Strategic Consumers"

Operations Management

Advisors: Ilan Lobel (Chair), René Caldentey, Gustavo Vulcano, Wenqiang Xiao
Christos Zacharias job market photo Christos Zacharias [CV]
Research Interests: Healthcare Operations Management, Service Operations, Stochastic Networks, Scheduling

Job Market Paper:"Joint Panel Sizing and Appointment Scheduling in Outpatient Care"
Operations Management
Advisors: Mor Armony (chair), Rene Caldentey, Peter Lakner, Michael Pinedo, Joshua Reed
Cheryl Flynn job market photo1 Cheryl Flynn [CV]
Research Interests: Statistical Learning, High-dimensional data, Model Selection, Regularization Methods, Unsupervised learning

Job Market Paper: "Efficiency for Regularization Parameter Selection in Penalized Likelihood Estimation of Misspecified Models"
Advisors: Jeffrey Simonoff (chair), Clifford Hurvich, Patrick Perry, Foster Provost