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PhD Students on the Job Market

JClarkJM Jessica Clark [CV]
Research Interests: Data Science, Business Analytics, Design Science, Advertising, Natural Language Processing, Television, Social Media, Crowdfunding, Dimensionality Reduction, Diversity. 

Job Market Paper: "Who's Watching TV?"
Information Systems
: Foster Provost (Chair), Arun Sundararajan, Patrick Perry, Daria Dzyabura
JJeonJM Jihye Jeon [CV]
Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics.

Job Market Paper: "Learning and Investment Under Demand Uncertainty in Container Shipping."
Advisors: Luis Cabral (Co-Chair), Ariel Pakes (Co-Chair), John Asker, Robin Lee
JKeeleyJM Jessica Keeley [CV]
Research Interests: Financial institutions' disclosures and accounting choices.

Job Market Paper: "The Impact of Regulatory Enforcement Actions on Bank Risk."
Advisors: Stephen Ryan (Chair), Yiwei Dou, Michael Jung, Philipp Schnabl
DKeumJM Dongil Keum [CV]
Research Interests: Innovation

Job Market Paper: "Penalizing the Underdogs? Employment Protection and the Competitive Dynamics of Firm Innovation."
: JP Eggers (Chair), Deepak Hedge, Zur Shapira, Belen Villalonga
ELeibelJM Esther Leibel [CV]
Research Interests: Qualitative Research (Ethnography), Institutional Theory, Sustainability, Vocabulary, Meaning Making.

Job Market Paper: "Local Institutions. Collaborations and New Field Formation: The Case of Slow Money."
Advisors: Beth Bechky (Chair), Gino Cattani, Renee Rottner
XYeJM Xuan Ye [CV
Research Interests: Economics of IT & Digitization, Incenstives in Digital Production, HR Analytics.

Job Market Paper: "Perks at Work? HR Practices for Engineers."
Information Systems
Advisors: Prasanna Tambe (Chair)