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PhD Students on the Job Market

The following students are on the job market for the 2015-2016 academic year. This page is updated frequently.

padamopoulos Panagiotis Adamopoulos [CV]
Research Interests: Business Analytics, Data Science, Recommender Systems, Machine Larning, Econometrics.

Job Market Paper: TBA
Information Systems
Advisors: Alexander Tuzhilin (chair), Gediminas Adomavicius, Daria Dzyabura, Anindya Ghose, Foster Provost, Akhmed Umyarov
JAlbertus James Albertus [CV]
Research Interests: Multinational Firms, Empirical Corporate Finance, International Finance.

Job Market Paper: "Does Foreign Tax Arbitrage Promote Innovation? Evidence from Subsidiary-Level Data."
Advisors: Holger Mueller (chair), Viral Acharya, Alexander Ljuingqvist, Philipp Schnabl
  Wen Cao
Research Interests: Data Mining, Time Series Analysis, Survival Analysis, Regression.

Job Market Paper: 1) "Drift in Transaction-Level Asset Price Models," 2) "A Mixed Model Approach for Summarizing Text Reviews," 3) "Recursively Imputed Survival Trees with Competing Risks."
Advisors: Clifford M. Hurvich (chair), Jeffrey S. Simonoff, Patrick Pery, Halina Frydman
MCrosignani Matteo Crosignani [CV]
Research Interests: Financial Intermediation, Corporate Finance, Monetary Economics.

Job Market Paper: "The Effect of Central Bank Liquidity Injections on Bank Credit Supply."
: Viral Acharya (co-chair), Philipp Schnabl (co-chair), Alexi Savov, Andres Liberman
  Seil Kim [CV]
Research Interests: Empirical Financial Accounting, Valuation, Corporate Governance.

Job Market Paper: "Information Disclosure and Insider Trading Around Board Meetings."
: Stephen Ryan (chair), April Klein, Pepa Kraft, David Yermack
IKadach Igor Kadach [CV]

Research Interests: Voluntary Disclosure, Institutional Investors, Executive Compensation.

Job Marketing Paper: "Mutual Fund Trading Pressure, Stock Mispricing, and Management Earnings Forecasts."
Advisors: Eli Bartov (chair), Viral Acharya, Christine Cuny, Ilan Guttman.
MKrishna Malika Krishna [CV]

Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics.

Job Market Paper: "The Effects of Asymmetric Regulations: Urgent Care Centers Versus Emergency Departments
Advisors: John Asker (chair), Luis Cabral, Robin Lee
ELipnowski Elliot Lipnowski [CV]
Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Information Economics, Behavioral Economics, Organizational Economics.

Job Market Paper: "Repeated Delegation."
Advisors: Joyee Deb (co-chair), Adam Branderburger (co-chair), Laurent Mathevet, David Pearce
YLiu Ying Liu [CV]
Research Interests: Revenue Management, Dynamic Pricing, Strategic Consumer, Assortment Planning.

Job Market Paper: "New Topics in Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing."
Operations Management
Advisors: Rene Caldentey (chair), Ilan Lobel, Srikanth Jagabathula, Guillermo Gallego
JLuoNewPhDPhoto Jinchuan Luo [CV]
Research Interests: Voluntary Disclosure, Investment, Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation.

Job Market Paper: "The Stock Price Reaction to Capex News: New Evidence from Modeling Optimal Capex and Capex Guidance."
Advisors: Joshua Ronen (chair), Stephen Ryan, Paul Zarowin, Kose John
JSuh Jung-Hyun Suh [CV]
Research Interests:
Behavioral Theory and Organizational Learning, Strategic Alliance, Innovation and Incumbent Adaptation. 

Job Market Paper: "Performance Signals: How Past Solo vs. Collaborative Performance Affect Subsequent Partner Quality."
Advisors: J.P. Eggers (chair), Zur Shapira, Melissa Schilling, and Deepak Hedge
vtodri Vilma Todri [CV]
Research Interests: Digital Marketing, Channel Attribution, Social Media Analytics, Causal Inference, Structural Models, Big Data.

Job Market Paper: "Towards a Digital Attribution Model: Measuring the Impact of Display Advertising on Online Consumer Behavior."
Information Systems
Advisors: Anindya Ghose (chair), Param Vir Singh, Yannis Bakos